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Hooray!!! I just completed the writing of my first theme for The Book of I project!!! At just over 8 minutes long, my newest work for string orchestra and solo violin is haunting and stirring, with moments of gripping beauty– so proud of how this “I Know What Death Sounds Like” track turned out! ๐Ÿ˜€ This album is off to a truly auspicious start! ^___^

I’ve got a solid three more pieces stirring in my mind’s ear at this point, ready to be brought to the page… We’re off and running!


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We’re getting set up for the all-day recording extravaganza!! Gypsy Wanderer & Counterpoint Invariable–played by the pros in only about another hour!! Sadly, I have to be a “virtual presence” in Rockport MA but Parma Recordings has set up a marvelous skype session where I feel like I’m really there! Here we go!!!

I’m able to listen in on the casual conversation happening with my producer and engineer on stage right now; totes loving it!! ^__^


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The Next PARMA Album….

Ah! I’m so excited!!! Just got off the phone with PARMA… We’re getting some ideas together, narrowing down the details, to work toward putting together my next full Sarah-album release!!!
It looks like we’ve settled on a CD program of three of my big works:

Counterpoint Invariable

Courage Triptych

and the Leviathan Concerto!!


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Amazing Numbers

I know; this is perhaps one of my weirder posts, haha… But these numbers are very amazing to me (Quick clarification on this post: These numbers include all the non-online pledges I’ve received as well, to give credit to everyone :))!… As you can see, we’re VERY close to accomplishing our goal of getting the Pro Recording of “Anima Mechanicae” FULLY FUNDED! And it’s all thanks to YOU!!! We’re so very close… The campaign ends this Saturday night! Thank you for helping in any way you can! :mrgreen: