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Pre-Sale and Pre-Save for “Legend Seekers” Now Open! — Sound Deliverance

In a world where adventure calls and the intrepid answer… where the daring explore a mystifying world of Dream and Thought… where heartbreak twists into furious desperation… where virtuosic fits of funkiness stare brazenly into the face of danger… where forgetfulness drives discovery and hope…

In this world, Leviathan — a creature that haunts the Ancient Depths — lies in wait to strike upon those that seek its legendary might!

Who will win this contest of wills? The stirring waves bear witness to this eternal struggle…

Get an exclusive sneak peek at all the tracks on the upcoming “Legend Seekers” album below! If you like what you hear, pre-order the album on Bandcamp to receive two tracks NOW ahead of release as well as several extra goodies, like exclusive Leviathan artwork and liner notes! Coming soon, there’ll also be a Spotify […]

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“The composer comes first. In the beginning was the Note, and the Note was with God; and whosoever can reach for that Note, reach high, and bring it back to us on earth, to our earthly ears – he is a composer, and to the extent of his reach, partakes of the divine.” -Leonard ‪#‎Bernstein‬ (“Varèse, Koussevitzky, and New Music” speech delivered May 23, 1963 at The Plaza Hotel for an International Music Fund event paying homage to Edgard Varèse)

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Analysis must concern itself with the final result: that is, with the work as part of history… The composer’s thinking remains his marvellous secret.

–Jean Barraqué, “Debussy ou la naissance d’une forme ouvert”, quoted in François Nicolas, “Le souci du développment chez Barraqué”, Entretemps, 5 (1987), 13.

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Pierre Boulez on Composition, Post-1945

I think that music should be collective hysteria and magic, violently modern… I have a horror of discussing verbally what is so smugly called the problem of aesthetics… I prefer to return to my lined paper.

Pierre Boulez, Stocktakings from an Apprenticeship. Oxford: Clarendon and New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. Page 54.

(That said, don’t forget to show your support of Modern Music!!) :mrgreen:

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A Fit of Inspiration

Tryin’ to recall the revelatory statement I gave to my excellent student Jean last night at her lesson….. It went something like this:

“The violin is an incredible tool by which one is able to touch and thereby experience in a very real way the abstractness of music…. (In other words) It creates a way for music to become touchable and real.”

Once in a while I come up with some pretty deep stuff…. 😉

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Thought for the Day

It is far better to be a stubborn, uncooperative character; it is even better to have a quarrel…than to depart from one’s convictions if one believes them to be the truth.

—Michel Fokine, original choreographer for Daphnis et Chloé

Found this excellent quote while reminiscing over my old paper! Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé: A Mircale in the Making. 🙂