New Retro Game Soundtrack Music — Novel Soundtrax

I had so much fun putting together some music for a retro video game project — I love being able to bring the “bleeps and bloops” from my childhood into the present “literature”… ^_^ Enjoy taking a listen!

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New Leviathan Tees!

Share your enthusiasm for “Leviathan” with this beautiful, custom tee or sticker! This lovely t-shirt (courtesy of Teespring) features an artistic rendering of Sarah Wallin-Huff’s own 6-string, dragon-shaped, electric violin, on which she has performed her Leviathan Concerto, and lots of other music and styles! Click to view slideshow. All funds raised go directly toward the recording…

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What’s Your Life-Jam? Make Your Musical Vision a Reality with Novel Soundtrax!

Introducing the new and improved home for all the musical services I offer, Novel Soundtrax!

Built on experience beginning in 1990, Novel Soundtrax is the home for:

I love creating musical experiences that “guide the listener through an unfolding story.” I love creating and being a part of musical experiences that have “a rich, artistic depth that encourages spiritual, mental, and emotional exploration of the human condition.”

I am always excited to share my love of music with you, and I am honored to serve you any way that I can. 🙂

Performance Debut of “Christmas Wayfarer” for Concert Band!

It’s Saturday, Dec. 3, @7pm in Santa Ana, CA. I hope you can join me for this exciting and fun concert!!

“Gypsy Wanderer” Available for Purchase!

New, on my Purchase Page, you can now choose to purchase sheet music directly from me! – and get PDFs that are full color, and save money, too! Check it out! :mrgreen:

Now just up on my Purchase Page as well, you can be the first to own the sheet music – score and part – for my brand-new Sonata for Violin and Piano, Gypsy Wanderer!


Interactive Tools for Maturing Musicians!

I just stumbled upon a marvelous wealth of interactive tools for ear training, theory, musicianship, and much more at The String Academy of Wisconsin‘s website!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite very handy online trainers that I plan to use enthusiastically and incorporate into lessons from now on! :mrgreen:

You can even have kids take it home for homework and print out a progress report!

This list can always be found under the Bio and More –> Violin Lessons drop-down menus at the top of my site. Check it out!

Composing Music for an Indie Thriller!

Hey everybody!! It’s OFFICIAL!! I am a part of the In 5 Days team!! I’ll be working with them on the creation of a score for this exciting independent thriller!! W00t!

My team and I are THOROUGHLY impressed by your music, and I will say…Welcome to B-TEAM PRODUCTIONS & the Indie thriller, "IN 5 DAYS…" I would like to say firmly…On behalf of myself, B-TEAM PRODUCTIONS & IN 5 DAYS…WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!

They are looking for 200 more people to Like their page and support them, so they can release the full trailer—check it out, and send them your love! 😉

I’m really excited to be working on this project with them!!! :mrgreen:

Photo Shoot Pics!

Look at this beautiful FB Album of pictures from the String Orchestra Photo Shoot! Photos taken by Tim Yao. Be sure to come see us play this Thursday night! :mrgreen:

Conductor Sarah