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AHHHHHHH!! New message just received:

“Congratulations! ‘Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf Poltrie’ has been selected for inclusion on….only about 15% of scores were accepted”


The site officially launches next week… I’ll keep ya’ll posted! 😉

A Chance to be Nominated for the Grammy Award!…

I just received a fantastic email from PARMA Recordings earlier today.

My composition for violin trio, “Counterpoint Invariable” (one of the works featured on my new album from PARMA, Soul of the Machine— and one of my favorite works I’ve done, in fact) was officially submitted as a potential 2014 Grammy nominee! The submission is for “Best Small Ensemble Performance.”

The nominees will be announced December 5. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂

Hooray! Got more done on “Of Roses and Lilies” today!!

I worked out the (typically complicated) chord structure/progressions and the finished piano part for the middle “bridge-like” section (that comes next after where the present demo recording ends)…. Thus, with the framework now finished, I can finish orchestrating that section next… Then that means, I’m at least 2/3rds of the way done with the piece!!!!

It’s taking on a BEAUTIFUL shape!! I can’t wait to share it when I’m done!!!!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies

Had a really productive evening; got the creative

Had a really productive evening; got the creative juices flowing again (now that we’re all finally settled into our new place and everything)!

I started organizing and solidifying my work toward finishing an old score of mine with lots of potential: “Of Roses and Lilies” … It’s been given a new breath of fresh air tonight, with a re-conceptualization of its forces: soprano solo, with SSA chorus, piano, string orchestra, english horn, and soprano recorder!!! It’ll be epic and sweet! Can’t wait to see it unfold at last! 🙂Title Page_Roses-Lilies

Woohoo! We received $50 more, bringing our total

Woohoo! We received $50 more, bringing our total to $565!!! Omg!! 😀 We might actually make it to $1000 before June 18!!! 3 DAYS LEFT!!!!


Woohoo!! $140 more received tonight, total between two

Woohoo!! $140 more received tonight, total between two new contributors!! You guys make me so proud and humbled…er, at the same time!! Hahaha!…. We passed the $500 mark!!!!

Cool News!

Guess what! At the internet-sensation, booming online company Automattic, a Happiness Engineer named Karim seems to be an incredibly awesome breakdancer. I recently caught wind of the fact that he regularly enjoys dancing to my original tune, “Dreamscape“!!!

That’s completely awesome! ^__^ …and I’m really really flattered! I hope I can get a video of him doing just that someday!

Check out “Dreamscape” for yourself!

Available on my album “A Personal Echo,” on iTunes and elsewhere!

Hee hee, my day was just completely made!

Hee hee, my day was just completely made! In setting things up to move forward with PARMA, I’ve been told I apparently have a lot of fans there in the office… They seem to like me and my music quite a lot!

~*~ Whee! ~*~

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