The Music Nerds! #6 – Setting Weird Lyrics

Enjoy this latest educational video, describing my thought processes on how I approach setting asymmetrical text to music as I work on finishing my Bros. Grimm Song Cycle! Don’t forget you can check out the other videos in this series here!

“Of Roses & Lilies” Referral Contest and Fundraiser

This just in… We’re running a Referral Contest! Now, not only are you able to choose from these exclusive gifts for supporting our dedicated musicians, but if you refer your friends and they contribute, you may win 1 of 3 beautifully designed prizes in our Referral Contest!!

New Sheet Music Titles Available

Introducing two newly updated titles to my sheet music library, available for purchase at my Purchase Page! The charming, Face in the Moonlight… … and the quirky and epic Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie ! These and other Scores and Parts are available directly from me as beautiful bound copies, or …