“Weeping Willow” Practice Session

My good friend, Adrienne Andisheh, and I got together yesterday to start practicing the two violin parts for our recording session of “Weeping Willow” on Dec 18! This video was only the second time we ran it together; we still have some spots to iron out, but I was super impressed by how quickly it’s coming together, and HOW FUN it is to play!!!

The recording should be available on Dec 20; you can hear the duet in perfection with our pianist then!! 😀

New Full-Length Album, Coming Soon!

My new album “ESOTERICA” is almost ready for its official release on Tuesday December 20! Part of the delay on ESOTERICA’s completion was my determination to include my brand new violin duet on this recording. It is a just-finished, commissioned work for 2 violins and piano, with strong flavors of …

Treble Trios at Hillcrest

  FREE Concert! Joined by violinists Cecilia Alegre Coo and Lisa Grzanka, violinist/composer Sarah Wallin Huff is glad to present an evening of treble trios – music written for three violins. Our program will consist of music from a variety of styles and eras, from Classical to folk, and even feature …

Memories & The Gray @ Silverlake Lounge

“Modern Music” often gets a bad rap. It’s hard to define. Let Sarah Wallin Huff & friends fill your ears and soul with fresh music that takes you by the hand and invites you to dream in color.   *Can’t make it? You can still help us grow! For everyone …

May Musical Madness!

So, May is shaping up to be a really exciting month of debuts and unique concerts! First up… This is shaping up to be a really fun gig of Modern Music with a Twist! Lainey and I will be joined by four of our talented friends and guest musicians to …

5 Days Left for Discounted Tickets!

Come to Silverlake Lounge on May 19, 7pm and join Lainey White and myself for a set of all-original compositions and arrangements featuring acoustic fiddle and 6-string electric violin, with electronics, percussion, guitar and more! ** DISCOUNT CODE! Enter code SARAH492 on check-out by APRIL 30 and get $2 off …

Performance at Hillcrest

I’ve been invited to perform an hour-long set of music for the residents and guests at Hillcrest! This FREE show will be on Friday, September 25th, starting at 6:45 pm. I’ve invited two of my talented colleagues, Mike Jung (piano) and Kyle Graham (guitar/mandolin/viola/composer) to join me! Several of my original works …

Photos from Yesterday

Enjoy some photos from yesterday’s adventures!

I’m inspired— and I’m gonna finish my Violin Sonata’s 4th and final movement!!! Hopefully today…. I think I’ve settled on a title: "Gypsy Wanderer"!!

There’s practically no title on gypsies that hasn’t been over-used, but at least this one isn’t related to any music right upfront, that I could find; just some artwork… I like it!!

But I like the music even more!!! I was thinking how oddly "traditional-style 12-tone" my techniques in the last movement are; and yet, the result is still really fun and crazy, totally accessible music… And a serious CHALLENGE for both the violinist and pianist, let me tell you!!!!

I’m just tickled the way it’s taking shape– it’s a really unique addition to my repertoire!! 😉