“Myriaddict” – Coming Soon!

Enjoy this little trailer video for my new soundtrack collection, coming soon…. 🙂

Video from ASTA Festival 2014

Sadly, our video camera gave up on us a little more than halfway through the performance, but at least you can hear most of it! It was loads of fun — catch us playing again next year!

Great Performance!

James, Cecille, Keith, and I had a FABULOUS performance at the 4th Annual Chamber Festival tonight! (Hopefully) video to come later… But for now, enjoy these photos from the event!

Performing for the 4th Annual Chamber Festival

I’ve had the pleasure of performing in the ASTA Chamber Festival since its first year, in 2011, and it’s always been a delight. This year I’ll get to perform with a student and regular “viola-ringer” of The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, as well as my good friend, Keith Buerger, joining …

My Bastion

There I was, just minding my own business, when the Bastion Narrator decided to stop by…..