Leviathan Faces New Horizons!

TLDR: The ultimate recording of “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” is under way! It will soon be available exclusively for my Backstage Members, along with some unique swag to celebrate this long awaited release! I admit it — I’m obsessed with making sure my “Leviathan baby” gets to see the light of …

“Myriaddict” – Coming Soon!

Enjoy this little trailer video for my new soundtrack collection, coming soon…. 🙂

“Leviathan” News – the Ultimate Recording Project

“Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” is a three-movement, 25-minute concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, Synth, and orchestra. Written in 2008 and not premiered live until 2016, it is indeed a monster of a work: “…it’s a fantastic piece – imaginative, engaging, and pretty wild” (Sam Renshaw) Collaborating with PARMA …

“Leviathan” Teaser Video

Woo! Enjoy this new teaser video for the premiere of “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep”! Keep Sunday April 10, 6pm, Anahem CA in your calendars… 😉

New Sheet Music: Leviathan!

Check it out! My freshly updated, 2008 Concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, Synth, and Chamber Orchestra – “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” – score and parts are now up on my Sheet Music Store!