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New Preview Video for “Soul of the Machine” Album

Check out this beautiful preview video for my new album – to be released August 12 – “Soul of the Machine,” shared by Parma Recordings! Featuring clips from Courage Triptych’s Image 1: A Garden Prayer, Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine, and Adoré.

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New Electro-Acoustic Quartet Finished!

Composed at the request of Kay Pech for the 2014 Chamber Music Institute of Southern California, I present my latest work: Organic Circuitry!


A highly unique quartet for two acoustic instruments (violin and cello) and two electric instruments (5-string and 6-string violins, with effects pedals)!

Attached above is a rough digital demo of the work — it’s missing of course, the classy nuance of expression that only live players can give, as well as the digital shine of some of the pedal effects I’ve written into the work for the two electric violin players.

But Aisling and I will be performing this intriguing work at its debut in concert on July 20th at 3pm, at Cerritos Park East, inside the community center. Visit CMI’s website for more info on this fabulous free concert – Don’t miss the debut performance of the one and only Organic Circuitry!

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“Anima Mechanicae” to be performed in UK!

My fan-favorite 2007 string quartet Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine will have its official UK premiere on July 6, 2014 at the Exeter Phoenix Auditorium!

It will be featured in the concert “Machine Music”:

…an evening of music inspired, composed and performed by machines.

Featuring the work of John White, Annie Gosfield, Kraftwerk, Bach, Sarah Wallin Huff, George Antheil, Conlon Nancarrow and two new pieces by Exeter based composer Simon Belshaw.

Music is played by a string quartet and will also feature music for/played by/created with player piano, music boxes, film, radio signals, ipad and raspberry pi.

Visit this link for more details! And if you happen to be in the area of Devon, be sure to go and check out this amazing concert!

exeter phoenix auditorium

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The Book of I, OST!

The recordings… are officially COMPLETE!

My end of The Book of I project is finished, and I love it! Many thanks again to everyone who participated to bring this music to life!

I began composing this 50 minute album of music in January (2014), and finished writing in April; now, toward the end of May, the recordings are complete! (I have never completed such a vast and intriguing collection of music so quickly and so well before; I feel like I can do anything now, haha!) 😉

Take a listen to clips from all of the LIVE TRACKS at the new home-page for The Book of I OST!

And watch for the official release of my album — with Jorge‘s novel (the inspiration behind all of this) and Liselott Johnsson’ original artwork — in November 2014!!

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“Sweet Camila” Official Track, Complete!

I had the great pleasure of recording the official take of “Sweet Camila” for string quartet, from my BOOK OF I Soundtrack, with the talented Lainey White and Brett Bird on violins, myself on viola, and Jenna Ford on cello.

Enjoy the teaser clip below, and look soon for the rest of the album to be available to the public soon! 😀

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Live Debut of “Sweet Camila” Tomorrow!

Sunday, February 23rd, at 12pm sharp, I will be joined by the fabulous talents of Irene Shiao on violin, Cecille Asuncion on viola, and David Mason on cello in the debut live performance of my original string quartet from “The Book of I” soundtrack, Sweet Camila. We’ll be performing in Thayer Hall, at the Colburn School of the Arts in Los Angeles. Further information can be found here.

Later next month, the McKinley String Quartet is expected to record this work for the upcoming album. Stay tuned… You’ll be able to purchase the novel by Jorge Armenteros — and its accompanying artwork by Liselott Johnsson with my original soundtrack — later this year!