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Introducing… “Of Roses and Lilies”

At last, the epic song for Soprano, Women’s Chorus, Soprano Recorder, English Horn, Piano, and String Orchestra is COMPLETE! And joins the ranks of the four new pieces I’ve completed this year alone, interestingly enough…. :mrgreen:

A little history: This work was actually first written approximately back in 2002 or 2004 or so. It was originally only for soprano, piano, and two-part women’s chorus. But it hadn’t sat well with me, as it just didn’t quite communicate all the powerful potential that it could… So, after “doodling” around with it for a bit in the interim, I finally settled on the instrumental forces listed above, and from then on I ran ahead with full momentum and excitement, seeing it through to its glorious finish!

Enjoy the rough demo recording below, and look forward to future performances and proper recordings of it in the near future! 😉

Read the Lyrics here!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies

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Had a really productive evening; got the creative

Had a really productive evening; got the creative juices flowing again (now that we’re all finally settled into our new place and everything)!

I started organizing and solidifying my work toward finishing an old score of mine with lots of potential: “Of Roses and Lilies” … It’s been given a new breath of fresh air tonight, with a re-conceptualization of its forces: soprano solo, with SSA chorus, piano, string orchestra, english horn, and soprano recorder!!! It’ll be epic and sweet! Can’t wait to see it unfold at last! 🙂Title Page_Roses-Lilies

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Recording Today/Tomorrow!

Guess what I get to do in approximately 14 hours??

At 4:30am CA time (1:30pm Central European Time), I’ll be Skyping into the first PARMA recording session for the three 2013 Sarah Compositions!!!

Conducted by Petr Vronsky, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in the Czech Republic will be recording my original work for string orchestra, “Adoré”! :mrgreen: Maestro Vronsky has said Adoré is “very nice music.” Lol! 😉

I’ll be armed with my favorite caffeinated beverage and raring to go! ^__^