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A New Little Trifle – #genwar

The call for my music has begun, in regard to the creation of the upcoming documentary, “A Generation at War,” directed by Adair Cole, and produced by Joshua Todd and Nick Walker.

I’m very excited about this opportunity and glad to see the documentary moving forward! From what I hear, they are in the process of creating trailers now, and thus requested some appropriate music from which samples could be taken. As I couldn’t find anything I’d already written that was satisfactory for the need (to my mind), I went ahead and threw together a little two-minute string trifle yesterday. 🙂

Thought I’d share my resultant little trifle for your enjoyment here. Keep an eye out for Adair Cole’s awesome documentary, “A Generation at War”!

#genwar trailer

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“Sweet Camila” Official Track, Complete!

I had the great pleasure of recording the official take of “Sweet Camila” for string quartet, from my BOOK OF I Soundtrack, with the talented Lainey White and Brett Bird on violins, myself on viola, and Jenna Ford on cello.

Enjoy the teaser clip below, and look soon for the rest of the album to be available to the public soon! 😀

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Book of I: Final Bonus Track Complete!

It’s now even more official – THE BOOK OF I Musical Responses album will be finished off with a lovely closing song, called “Born of Everyman”!

Enjoy the teaser clip below, and be sure to check out the rest of the demos here!


Born of Everyman, I am No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Fluid, I am All; And I’m Nothing, I am lost among the Foam.

Can I know who I am? Shadows covered by the White… I cease to exist; our faces become None.

Born of Everyman, I am No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Sinking, I am All; Yet I’m Nothing, Peeling layers of my soul away.

…Fire helps us to forget…. I am Everyman, and I’m No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Light shines in my brain; Ever, will I? I’m a Book without a Name…. Can I know who I am?

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Introducing Theme #7!…

I Am Water – Theme #7 from THE BOOK OF I Musical Responses project – is just now complete!!

I definitely picture this track being the “final” track on the album… I have one more mini-track I aim to finish up though… something to just “tie up” the whole album at the very end… a little treat, if you will… and the composition portion is officially complete!! Hooray!!!

This will be one amazing album! :mrgreen:

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New Score Up, Next Track Underway

For those who are following my progress for THE BOOK OF I project, I’ve finally cleaned up the score for The Elusive Everyman and Her Majesty and I’ve got a lot of progress going forward writing the next and final large track, titled, I Am Water — for string orchestra, synthesizer, tubular bells, and suspended cymbal!

Check out all the demos and scores done so far at the BOOK OF I Demos page! 🙂

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Track #6: The Elusive Everyman…

Just completed! — Introducing Theme #6 to THE BOOK OF I epic soundtrack, “The Elusive Everyman and Her Majesty” !

This track represents one part of the two-fold heart of the main character’s ultimate saga, in my musical interpretation of it. Essentially, this track is comprised of an increasing hodge-podge of melodic fragments — ripped violently from the original works in which they are first found (from “I Know What Death Sounds Like,” “Faces in Foam,” and The Everyman and Her Majesty themes at the beginning of this present track) — that swirl into an angry and frustrating mass of sound and angular textures, up until the very end, when they merge together into The Whiteness of Teaston’s mind. My next track will strive to illuminate musically the flip-side of Teaston’s disjointed thoughts, and the ways in which he attempts to come to terms with his schizophrenia….

Technique-wise, I assembled these fragments by first labeling them both alphabetically and numerically, then, taking seven of Teaston’s own chaotic fragments of thought from random places in the book (“Ever will I?”; “Can I?”; “Consumption”; “Hello Blood”; “The Cliff, Thanks”; “And the Water”; “Even My Face”), I used the letters and syllables of these phrase-lets to “spell” out and overlay the musical phrases.

How many of the phrases from these earlier tracks can you recognize, rushing and overtaking Teaston’s poor troubled mind?

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“Faces in Foam” Complete!

I’m always pleasantly surprised when a composition has such a life of its own that it can dictate to me when it’s ready to be finished, and when remaining themes reveal themselves to be ripe for a separate and new work. 🙂

Introducing Faces in Foamtheme #5 in THE BOOK OF I Project!

This is certainly a complex work, on so many levels! Musically, it calls for string orchestra; solo violin (played “Ethnically,” no less); percussion (timpani, suspended and crash cymbals, tambourine); AND… a boy soprano… singing in Latin… <3

He (in emulating the innocent and forgotten Lucio, the “little death”) sings toward the end (in the demo recording you’ll simply hear a piano plunking out the chant-like melody…. Very soon, though, that’ll be a voice…); he sings from the Alma Redemptoris Mater, a text originally written around the 1000s AD for the Catholic Advent and Epiphany mass:

Alma Redemptoris Mater, quae pervia caeli
Porta manes, et stella maris, succurre cadenti,
Surgere qui curat, populo: peccatorum miserere.

Sweet Mother of the Redeemer, the passage to the heavens,
The gate of the spirits of the dead, and the star of the sea, aid the falling.
Mother of Him who cares for the people, have pity on us sinners.

This abridged set of quotes below, taken from Jorge Armenteros‘ “The Book of I,” aptly describes what I was going for in this work:

The woman sits at the edge of the cliff looking out to the sea…a daughter of North Africa perhaps. Her cheeks reflect olive light. She looks at me, carving her face in my memory…the step towards the rocky edge…I listen to the lines forming her face…I return to the melody still dancing in the air…
Lucio…had a delicate face…sharp angles, oblong eyes, and a classic Greek nose. I saw his face before the rocks disfigured him…he has the face of the forgotten… I try to paint him… I take a Renaissance approach, depicting him in a diaphanous light, like an angel…
I know those faces are…around me… They joined the sea because they had no other choice. Their faces are washed of past concerns. …If I…attempt to render them as ex-living people in my canvas, the white foam is quick to reclaim them. That is why all my canvases turn white–the frothy sea swallows them.

I really love how this installment has turned out! It is so driving and passionate and diverse…. It will be truly a delight getting to hear this performed live!

As I mentioned above, I had also started ideas for the next theme, which I call the “Everyman Theme”… I’d originally conceived it as a part of this present work. But, after much reconsideration — and the naturally beautiful unfolding of the end of “Faces in Foam” — I discovered, rather, that this theme will introduce my next installment fantastically well–it’s the perfect entrance for the next work!

I am thus eager to get off-and-running on Theme #6, titled: The Elusive Everyman and Her Majesty….. Stay tuned for more! This album (the composition portion of it, anyway) is fast nearing completion!!!!

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FREE Chamber Performance this Friday!

Come enjoy an evening of chamber music for the violin and piano at the Hillcrest Bretheren Homes in La Verne, CA! Featuring Sarah Wallin Huff on violin accompanied by the beautiful and talented Ayla Draper on piano! We’ll be performing some original compositions of Sarah’s as well as long-time favorites by the Classical masters. FREE event! (Find the Facebook Event page here!)