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New Sheet Music for Concert Band

Guess what? As of last night, there are now two versions of my popular “Christmas Wayfarer” available for performance this upcoming holiday season!

The original, first composed last Christmastime, is for symphony orchestra.

But now there is an official concert band version, too!

Believe me, I know that although it’s not even September yet, musicians and organizers have to start planning now for their holiday music events… I hope you might consider making “Christmas Wayfarer” a part of your festivities!

You can find the sheet music (score and parts) for both versions here.

Don’t have a group but would like to have a recording of the symphonic “Christmas Wayfarer”? Download the single right here! 🙂

Enjoy the approaching Fall Season!

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Serenading a Romantic Geek Event Tonight

Guess what, geek-peeps! Aisling — my electric dragon violin — and I will be serenading the outdoor cafe of this Geek Singles event TONIGHT! Come hear the romantic musical stirrings of themes like “Quantum Leap,” “Incredible Hulk,” the original Star Trek and Deep Space 9, themes from the Gundam and Gundam Wing series, Ghost in the Shell… and maybe even a little bit of Bach — cuz, let me tell you, Bach was the original musical geek SRSLY! ^___^
Hope to see you there!