New Violin Duet in the Works

I FINALLY got a real solid start on my new violin duet I’ve been commissioned to write!! It’s super intriguing!!! I originally thought I’d add a piano part, but I don’t know now… I may just go Ravel-violin/cello-duet-style and have the two violins remain by themselves. Or, if I do add a piano part, I want to have it wait a while to come in… Can’t wait to see where this goes and how it unfolds! 😁

Wanna see how I approached the beginnings of this basic construction? Check out The Music Nerds video #1! 😆

Blast from the Past

Back in 2007, while playing with the Aineo Christian Orchestra, I was asked to arrange several orchestrations for their local church orchestra and choir. Well, just today, I received a request to send along the score to one of those orchestrations, “God’s Power Within Us”; apparently, the Sa-Rang Community Church …