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Recording “The Oracle”

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hearing my “tarot piece,” The Oracle, come to life in Barefoot Recording Studio in Hollywood!

The work is a 12-minute exploration of the human condition as told through the symbology of a tarot deck. It’s written for five musicians, who each represent an important natural element: piano (Tree of Life), violin (Fire), cello (Water), flute (Air), and clarinet (Earth).

Many thanks to the following people for making this possible: Agnes Schwartz (violin), Pola Benke (cello), Liz LaCoste (flute/piccolo), Ryan Glass (clarinet), Masako Klassen (piano), and David Martinez (engineer).

I’ll announce when the recording is ready for release. In the meantime enjoy these photos from our recording session!

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New Toy


My brand new Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer just arrived today! It looks fabulous!

Since moving, I’ve been out of a good preamp for my recording exploits, had to give up the old *heavy* one… Now I’m all set to properly record updated and accurate demo recordings for my latest violin/piano sonata, “Gypsy Wanderer”! I’ll letcha know how it goes! :mrgreen: