A Sneak Peek….

I’m SO delighted about the progress and magical unfolding of my latest “little” work, Of Roses and Lilies for Soprano, Women’s Chorus, Soprano Recorder, English Horn, and String Orchestra! I was really eager to share what I’ve got done so far, so enjoy this itty bitty sneak peak (below), as well …

Had a really productive evening; got the creative

Had a really productive evening; got the creative juices flowing again (now that we’re all finally settled into our new place and everything)!

I started organizing and solidifying my work toward finishing an old score of mine with lots of potential: “Of Roses and Lilies” … It’s been given a new breath of fresh air tonight, with a re-conceptualization of its forces: soprano solo, with SSA chorus, piano, string orchestra, english horn, and soprano recorder!!! It’ll be epic and sweet! Can’t wait to see it unfold at last! 🙂Title Page_Roses-Lilies