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Voltra is a Must-See Music Service

I just came across this super interesting article from The Verge about an upcoming stream-to-own, online, music-store service: 

Voltra’s desktop and mobile players — currently in beta testing — are free to download. Any users with a Voltra account can choose to either buy songs immediately or try out a new song with Voltra’s “stream-to-own” feature….

…this model offers listeners a low-cost way to figure out if they enjoy a particular song while also ensuring that artists earn money off the songs that get played the most…

This emphasis on lasting storage contrasts with subscription-based streaming services, where canceling your account comes with the risk of losing personally curated playlists and listening history….
Voltra aims to strengthen two facets of this artist-listener relationship: If music ownership is Voltra’s priority for listeners, sufficient compensation is the company’s goal for artists…
…artists who sign up directly through Voltra would receive 100 percent of their earnings, since the company doesn’t deduct a commission from their song profits… It’s also free for artists to upload their music to Voltra’s store. Voltra — which is not ad-supported — earns additional revenue from its sale of Pro Features to artists, labels, and distributors for five to ten dollars a month, offering musicians additional perks like customizable sales reports or a public artist page on the Voltra site.
a musician can earn 99 cents after only 10 streams on Voltra, compared to 226 streams on Spotify, 134 on Apple Music, and 146 on Google Play. Spotify’s average payout per stream reportedly ranges from $0.006 to $0.0084, which is split among the the music’s various “rights holders,” meaning that 226 streams would yield about $1.50, of which the artist would receive some portion.
“I feel like it’s weird that [Voltra’s business model] is novel,” Fragomeni says, “but I really believe that it’s possible to have a sustainable business with really cool premium services where the ultimate ethical objective is to try to have the artists be paid.”

I am SO getting my music on this service!! Check it out and support this amazing artist-listener-relationship tool!

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Debut Event Next Week!!!

Don’t miss it! Enjoy LIVE performances of:

  • Anima Mechanicae – featuring: Christina Burbano-Jeffery and Lainey White (violins), Sarah Wallin Huff (viola), and Jenna Ford (cello).
  • Gypsy Wanderer, movement 3 – featuring: Sarah Wallin Huff (violin) and Lyle Michaud (piano).
  • A Garden Prayer (from “Courage Triptych”) – featuring: Sarah Wallin Huff and Christina Burbano-Jeffrey (violins), and Lyle Michaud (piano)

Get your custom tees ordered ahead of time, here.

See you at the one and only Brave New World Comics!

debut party flier

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New Title Added to Sheet Music Store

Now, the new Electro-Acoustic Quartet, Organic Circuitry, is available for purchase at my Sheet Music Store!

Rough demo recording of a practice session with Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Kay Pech (5-string), and Sarah Wallin Huff (6-string):


(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).
(l to r): Jonathan Sun (violin), Judy Kang (cello), Sarah Wallin Huff (electric 6-string violin), Kay Pech (electric 5-string violin).


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New Addition to Sheet Music Store

“The Book of I” Musical Response Suite has now been added to my Sheet Music Store!

The entire set of seven movements is available, as well as each individual movement separately.

Also, to help locate pieces according to instrumentation, for those who would like to investigate performing any of my available works, visit my new Index!


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GrayScale — Now Available for Purchase!

The hit new original single, GrayScale, is now available Internet-wide for purchase!!

Don’t wait….

Get yours today!


In honor of this momentous occasion, an AWESOME new T-shirt design has been added! Purchase yours at Sarah’s Store! :mrgreen:

GrayScale Tee Design

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New Sheet Music Titles Available

Introducing two newly updated titles to my sheet music library, available for purchase at my Purchase Page!

The charming, Face in the Moonlight

and the quirky and epic Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie !

These and other Scores and Parts are available directly from me as beautiful bound copies, or as pdf downloads from Sheet Music Plus – with Face in the Moonlight and Fair Katrinelje to appear there soon as well!

Face in the Moonlight_TITLE

Title page Katrinelje


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Welcome to the Family

Introducing my new and upgraded quality viola — Minerva! (Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and art; tip of the hat to Miguel!)

I visited the Los Angeles Violin Shop  and became acquainted with Danny Oh and Dan Hooper. I LOVED chatting with them: they’re down to earth guys, who will tell it straight, and who clearly have a knowledgable passion for strings!!! And they want to share that passion with others, too! 🙂 That’s what I LOVE about them and their shop!

So, I finally had a brilliant idea, because my Old-Man-Violin Tommy, the violin I had growing up with (playing on it since I was 13 years old through undergrad college), had been just sitting around in my closet for the most part of his retirement since I’d upgraded to my truly Beloved Flora. Now, Tommy had gotten some air being loaned out to a couple of students here and there over the years, but nobody was ready to claim him for their own… So back in the closet he went… He’s got a lot going for him, and I tried selling him to shops, but nobody was buying in this economy…

After moving out here to Valencia, I finally had an Ah-Ha moment, and set about investigating the possibility of trading in Tommy (with case and bow) along with my cheapy viola (with case and two bows) – to get an upgrade in a good-quality, performable viola, something I wouldn’t be embarrassed or wracked with pain playing for gigs…

Danny worked out a fabulous deal for me, and took Tommy and the cheap viola under his wing. I’m so happy that Tommy will be getting a new lease on life! AND, I’m so happy to welcome the Beautiful Minerva into my Fiddle Family!! She is truly a delight to play!

In fact, on Sunday, July 14th, at 2pm, I’ll be participating in an educational performance at the Sam Maloof Museum with local violin maker Jim Brown, and I’ll get to present a host of short works on all three of my “Babies” — I’ll be playing the Corelli Allegro (mvt. 3 from his Violin Sonata No. 1), the Thais Meditation, and my own charming work “Oppression” on Flora; and I’ll be accompanying Jim Brown’s voice on the aria  Vecchia zimarra from Puccini’s La Boheme on the new viola Minerva; and I’ll even get to whip out “Personal Echo” on Aisling and my new delay pedal! :mrgreen: It promises to be a really fun and informative show!

In the meantime, here are a few photos of the new Minerva! Welcome home! 🙂