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New Score Up, Next Track Underway

For those who are following my progress for THE BOOK OF I project, I’ve finally cleaned up the score for The Elusive Everyman and Her Majesty and I’ve got a lot of progress going forward writing the next and final large track, titled, I Am Water — for string orchestra, synthesizer, tubular bells, and suspended cymbal!

Check out all the demos and scores done so far at the BOOK OF I Demos page! 🙂

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Hooray! Got more done on “Of Roses and Lilies” today!!

I worked out the (typically complicated) chord structure/progressions and the finished piano part for the middle “bridge-like” section (that comes next after where the present demo recording ends)…. Thus, with the framework now finished, I can finish orchestrating that section next… Then that means, I’m at least 2/3rds of the way done with the piece!!!!

It’s taking on a BEAUTIFUL shape!! I can’t wait to share it when I’m done!!!!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies