“Weeping Willow” Practice Session

My good friend, Adrienne Andisheh, and I got together yesterday to start practicing the two violin parts for our recording session of “Weeping Willow” on Dec 18! This video was only the second time we ran it together; we still have some spots to iron out, but I was super impressed by how quickly it’s coming together, and HOW FUN it is to play!!!

The recording should be available on Dec 20; you can hear the duet in perfection with our pianist then!! đŸ˜€

Scales and Arpeggios

Just had to mention in a quick review here, how much fun and a sense of accomplishment I’ve been gaining since returning to a once-dreaded pastime during practice… Scales!…. I had gotten the inspiration from doing some reading about, to return to an old volume by Ivan Galamian called, “Contemporary Violin …