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Photos from Hillcrest Homes Concert

Ayla Draper and I had a wonderful time last night performing chamber music for the violin and piano, for the residents and guests at Hillcrest Homes in La Verne! We played selections from the likes of Mozart, Fauré, Mendelsshon, Bartok… and we even presented movement 3 from my very own sonata Gypsy Wanderer!

What a fun event! We hope to be back again soon!

Enjoy the photos taken during our performance, below:







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FREE Chamber Performance this Friday!

Come enjoy an evening of chamber music for the violin and piano at the Hillcrest Bretheren Homes in La Verne, CA! Featuring Sarah Wallin Huff on violin accompanied by the beautiful and talented Ayla Draper on piano! We’ll be performing some original compositions of Sarah’s as well as long-time favorites by the Classical masters. FREE event! (Find the Facebook Event page here!)


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The Final Recording Session (for now)

Yesterday’s recording sessions were a fabulous success!

Counterpoint Invariable went like clockwork– the three talented ladies who played it nailed it nearly every single take, and they made the work come alive in ways I could only have hoped for!! (In fact, the producer of these two recordings had this to say of the violin trio: “I got totally lost in the 2nd movement of the trio for the simple reason it was so very lovely – really very special.”)

And, as I’ve mentioned, Gypsy Wanderer sounds thoroughly amazing! Passionate, on fire, beautiful… All the emotional moments in the work come alive and were captured for all to hear soon.

Keep your eyes out for news of the release of this album— you won’t want to miss the final product from all this work, seriously… It’ll be available really really soon, within only a few more months!!!!! ヽ(^o^)丿



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Videos from TMC Chamber Strings Concert!

Videos from our Chamber Strings concert on Halloween night 2013 are now up for your enjoyment! I love working with these kids–they’re so dedicated and talented, with fabulous attitudes! Enjoy!

Plus… Some photos!

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Videos from Seal Beach Duo Gig

Omg! I completely forgot to share our three videos from Mike’s and my Seal Beach gig! Included is the DEBUT of my recent work, “Gypsy Wanderer“! It’s a little rough around the edges, but not half-bad for the first official run — and Mike and I are hoping to perform this new Sonata again in January at University of Redlands!

For now, enjoy these videos from the performance!

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A Sneak Peek at the Live “Gypsy Wanderer”…

Check it out! Pianist Mike Jung shows off the piano part from the finale of my work, “Gypsy Wanderer”! Told ya it ROCKS done LIVE!!!!

Come see us perform the whole work (along with the likes of Brahms and Suk) in Seal Beach, CA! Details here!

AND! Don’t forget — Gypsy Wanderer is going to be one of the featured works on my new PARMA album! Be sure to jump on board TODAY to be a part of making it happen! Be a part of something bigger than all of us and make your donation today! :mrgreen:

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Videos from Our Seal Beach Gig

Enjoy these couple of videos from the Guts&Ivory gig earlier this month in Seal Beach:


And don’t forget to save the date of October 20th! Pianist Michael Jung and I will be playing an awesome concert of works by Brahms, Suk, and yours-truly!

We’ll be debuting my recent original work, “Gypsy Wanderer” LIVE for the first time!

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Hooray! Got more done on “Of Roses and Lilies” today!!

I worked out the (typically complicated) chord structure/progressions and the finished piano part for the middle “bridge-like” section (that comes next after where the present demo recording ends)…. Thus, with the framework now finished, I can finish orchestrating that section next… Then that means, I’m at least 2/3rds of the way done with the piece!!!!

It’s taking on a BEAUTIFUL shape!! I can’t wait to share it when I’m done!!!!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies