New Album “Paroketh’s Veil” Now Available!

From CBTTF Records, featuring the original works of Sarah Wallin Huff, we introduce… Paroketh’s Veil Right now, the album is only available in DVD and Blu Ray formats, but the downloadable mp3s should be available soon. Get your copy here! β€œThe word Paroketh (PRKTh) refers to the Four Elements: Peh …

“Weeping Willow” Practice Session

My good friend, Adrienne Andisheh, and I got together yesterday to start practicing the two violin parts for our recording session of “Weeping Willow” on Dec 18! This video was only the second time we ran it together; we still have some spots to iron out, but I was super impressed by how quickly it’s coming together, and HOW FUN it is to play!!!

The recording should be available on Dec 20; you can hear the duet in perfection with our pianist then!! πŸ˜€

“Leviathan” News – the Ultimate Recording Project

“Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” is a three-movement, 25-minute concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, Synth, and orchestra. Written in 2008 and not premiered live until 2016, it is indeed a monster of a work: “…it’s a fantastic piece – imaginative, engaging, and pretty wild” (Sam Renshaw) Collaborating with PARMA …

Wut?! I won??! No wai! (Akademia Awards)

OMG! I’m a two-time May 2016 Akademia Award winner!!! 😱 I seriously was not expecting to get this news…I’m really very honored. πŸ™‚ It’s kind of like being recognized into a ground-floor, elite club of sorts. But, wow, the comments I received are just super nice! Good to add to my …

“Madrigal” & “Book of I” Score, Now Available!

Now available in the sheet music store! In the new score-only downloads section, you can purchase “Madrigal, for Orchestra” as well as the entire “Musical Response Suite for The Book of I.” And, the full score-plus-parts download of “Madrigal” is now available in the brand new Orchestra section of my …

“Organic Circuitry” Live Debut on YouTube

Here’s the video of our debut performance of my electro-acoustic work, “Organic Circuitry”! Featuring Jonathan Sun on violin, Judy Kang on cello, Kay Pech on electric 5-string, and myself on electric 6-string; performed July 20, 2014 in Cerritos CA.

New Handbell Piece Finished!

Enjoy this digital demo of my new piece for handbell choir – dedicated to my dear friend, Claire Blackwell, at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita CA!

Sadly, my playback for bells is limited to the upper range, so you’ll hear a mix of piano and bells, but it gives a good idea of what this piece is all about… I absolutely love how it turned out!! πŸ™‚

Photos from Second “The Book of I” Session

Enjoy these awesome photos taken by the husband of Cathy Alonzo (my principal violist and long-time friend) during our second Book of I recording session. Many thanks again to all who participated!!!! <3

The Book of I: Camila’s Theme

I’m so THRILLED that last night, I officially finished writing “Sweet Camila”, Camila’s character theme for “The Book of I”!!! Written for the intimacy of a string quartet, I find it absolutely charming, and befitting of her strong and carefree character. πŸ™‚