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Overtones, Harmonics, Monochords, Oh My!

I finally put up a video this weekend, demonstrating DIY monochords and overtones. I started demonstrating the monochord in class last semester, using an old one handmade in our department, but this semester I wanted to try building my own. ^_^

Enjoy this short compilation video demonstrating both monochords and introducing the concept of the harmonic series

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Sinfonia Shaping Up Nice! Or, Explorations of Hexachords

I am just so stoked about how my new orchestral Sinfonia is shaping up! I got a lot of fascinating work done on it today…

Long story short… I developed an intro theme and then broke that apart to find it was built upon 6 distinct notes (not counting a couple “passing tones”). Then I said to myself, since I have a hexachord here, what would its complement be? Thus, I notated out my second hexachord, creating a full 12-tone-row between them.

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Music Nerds #2, and the Debut of “Intrepid”

The Music Nerds Video #2 is out! Join me in exploring how and why we calculate intervals and why the relationship between two notes is so important to a music’s flow.

And, on Sunday Nov 6 at 3pm in Santa Clarita, the Santa Clarita Phil will be playing a FREE concert of American composers — including the debut of my fantasy for oboe/english horn soloist, “Intrepid”! Visit this link for details – hope to see you there!