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The Music Nerds! #6 – Setting Weird Lyrics

Enjoy this latest educational video, describing my thought processes on how I approach setting asymmetrical text to music as I work on finishing my Bros. Grimm Song Cycle!

Don’t forget you can check out the other videos in this series here!

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#NewTuneThursday: Resplendence

Welcome to #NewTuneThursday!

Let’s ring the bells for today’s new tune, since the New Year is just around the corner!

“Resplendence” is a five-and-a-half minute long work for 3.5 octave handbell choir. Composed in 2014, I used the opportunity to experiment with various sorts of combinatoriality (I really dig playing with aggregates!). I found that bells are a great way to experiment with such serialism because, like with a piano, the pitches are definite; the players can’t tweak them. And the resonant quality of the bells gives off such a glorious shower of shimmering sound!


Unfortunately no group has tackled this piece yet (but that may change in the coming year…) and, also unfortunately, no midi sound package I have access to contains all 3.5 octaves or bells. So in this recording, you’ll hear some piano with the bells… Use your imagination and envision the full handbell choir covering all those notes…

**And seriously, if you know of an advanced handbell group that might be interested in playing this piece for the first time (A World Premier!) hit me up! 🙂

Enjoy listening to the demo below…

“Resplendence” can be performed by an experienced ensemble with advanced ability. Get the sheet music here! And stay tuned for our new work of next week…

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Get Yourself Some Swag

The official Leviathan Release merch is now available for purchase!!

♬♪♫ ヾ(*・。・)ノ ♬♪♫

Save 15% off all merch (as well as well getting all my recordings before anyone else does) by becoming a Backstage supporter — for just the cost of one CD a year! 😉

And don’t forget to check out the gorgeous Leviathan poem and picture book; I’m gradually replacing the audio that accompanies the book with clips from the actual official recording.

Thanks for supporting your friendly, local modern composer! 😉

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Three New Releases: Recordings, Music, and Books

It’s always so exciting to see projects get finished, ready to share with you! So, check out these three newest releases, available now for your enjoyment!

  • MYRIAADICT: The Soundtrack Collection
    • Consisting of all my fun soundtrack commissions from this past summer, plus two rocking, original Celtic tunes — one from several years ago, and one just fresh off the presses for a dear friend. 🙂

Explore new music created to be partnered with other art-forms! From retro-style video games to short indie films, this collection covers instrumental and electronic moods from chip tune to romance, comedy, and contemporary Celtic. This download includes mp3s as well as 5 album art extras!

This original picture-book and poem by Sarah Wallin-Huff features the three movements and subsections found within her 2008 concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, synth, and orchestra, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep,” allowing the reader to dive into the mythology that built the musical work.


You know what else this means?… As I finish up the Leviathan recording, once and for all, I have some really exciting projects in the pipeline, ready to start taking shape in the coming months…. 😀


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Sinfonia Shaping Up Nice! Or, Explorations of Hexachords

I am just so stoked about how my new orchestral Sinfonia is shaping up! I got a lot of fascinating work done on it today…

Long story short… I developed an intro theme and then broke that apart to find it was built upon 6 distinct notes (not counting a couple “passing tones”). Then I said to myself, since I have a hexachord here, what would its complement be? Thus, I notated out my second hexachord, creating a full 12-tone-row between them.

Continue reading Sinfonia Shaping Up Nice! Or, Explorations of Hexachords

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What I’ve Been Up To: Part 2

This past Spring semester at The Master’s College, I’ve had the immense honor of helping out one of our audio tech seniors finish his major senior project – to record, produce, edit, master, etc., fifteen minutes of music!

So, he’s been dutifully and expertly bringing to life three very diverse works of mine: “Sonata Moderna” (the original version I first wrote: for string trio and full-on rock band! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear it unfolding to the original fullness I envisioned for it!); “Organic Circuitry” for electro-acoustic string quartet; and my latest work, “Intrepid,” for oboe/english horn soloist and chamber orchestra.

Now that we’re nearing the end of this journey, these three tracks are sounding just AMAZING! I can’t wait to share them with all of you! In the meantime, enjoy some of these memories from a few of our sessions together…

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House Recording of 2015 TMC Benefit Recital

Were you unable to attend the April 2015 TMC Instrumental Benefit Recital in person? Never fear, now you can download the house recording of all the performances from the event!

Just Name Your Price (minimum $0.99), and 100% of the proceeds from this recording will continue to support student senior degree projects at The Master’s College Music Department!

Name Your Price and Download the House Recording of the TMC Instrumental Benefit Recital

APRIL 19 Album Cover