#NewTuneThursday: Gypsy Wanderer

Welcome to #NewTuneThursday! Today’s tune holds a special place in my heart. 🙂 “Gypsy Wanderer” is an original, 4-movement sonata for solo violin and piano. [C]ompleted in April of 2013, the originating sketches for this four-movement work existed as early as 2008, and were a part of Wallin Huff’s first …

Stream-of-Consciousness Composition

I recall the final question posed to me in my Graduate Oral Exam: “Where do you see yourself as a composer in the long history of composers before you?” (Or, something to that effect.) Honestly, I hated the question. At that point in my life, I’d been composing music professionally …

5 Days Left for Discounted Tickets!

Come to Silverlake Lounge on May 19, 7pm and join Lainey White and myself for a set of all-original compositions and arrangements featuring acoustic fiddle and 6-string electric violin, with electronics, percussion, guitar and more! ** DISCOUNT CODE! Enter code SARAH492 on check-out by APRIL 30 and get $2 off …

New Electro-Acoustic Quartet Finished!

Composed at the request of Kay Pech for the 2014 Chamber Music Institute of Southern California, I present my latest work: Organic Circuitry! A highly unique quartet for two acoustic instruments (violin and cello) and two electric instruments (5-string and 6-string violins, with effects pedals)! Attached above is a rough digital demo of …

On the Horizon

I have a couple of exciting things on the horizon…. First, the FINAL RECORDING SESSION for my new album with PARMA is fast approaching! On December 28th, at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA, my two chamber works, Counterpoint Invariable for violin trio and Gypsy Wanderer for violin and piano, will be recorded by …


Analysis must concern itself with the final result: that is, with the work as part of history… The composer’s thinking remains his marvellous secret.

–Jean BarraquĂ©, “Debussy ou la naissance d’une forme ouvert”, quoted in François Nicolas, “Le souci du dĂ©veloppment chez BarraquĂ©”, Entretemps, 5 (1987), 13.

Come hear the RosĂ© Trio perform works by Vitali, Danielle Cummins 😉 , Emanuel MoĂłr, and Moszkowski! THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, 8pm, University of La Verne, Morgan Auditorium in Founders Hall – on 3rd Street near B Street, La Verne.

Sponsor the Recording of My Three Works…!

…We’re now on Indiegogo! Incidentally, the three works we’re hoping to record this summer are: “Counterpoint Invariable”: “AdorĂ©” …And… The NEW “Gypsy Wanderer“! If you’d like to contribute to those project through Indiegogo’s service, rather than directly here, check it out — and spread the news! 😉

Pierre Boulez on Composition, Post-1945

I think that music should be collective hysteria and magic, violently modern… I have a horror of discussing verbally what is so smugly called the problem of aesthetics… I prefer to return to my lined paper.

– Pierre Boulez, Stocktakings from an Apprenticeship. Oxford: Clarendon and New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. Page 54.

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