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#NewTuneThursday: Madrigal, for Orchestra

Welcome to #NewTuneThursday!

A madrigal, popular in the Renaissance and early Baroque, may be defined as a secular, polyphonic partsong, a through-composed work attempting to express the emotion contained within each line of a poem on which it is based. Loosely, a madrigal may be thought of as a linear journey across pallets of color and emotional soundscapes, and this is precisely what Wallin Huff’s 2014 so-titled work for orchestra aims to do.

This 8-minute work for small orchestra has so much charm for me; I really feel like it’s a journey across time as well as emotion. It has been performed live by the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, and it’s available on the album ESOTERICA.

Enjoy the recording below!

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“Madrigal, for Orchestra” can be performed by an intermediate-to-advanced ensemble. Get the score here, and the parts here! And stay tuned for our new work of next week…

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“Madrigal” Coming Together…

Update 1/21/2017: This piece is finished, and has even been premiered live by the Santa Clarita Phil! And… I’ve just released a recording of it on the new album, ESOTERICA! 🙂


I feel like my new work, “Madrigal, for Orchestra,” is finally coming along nicely, headed in a clearer direction now. I’m so excited about it! Enjoy this brief sneak peek of the opening 5:30 minutes…. Hope to be officially finished with it within the next few weeks; I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! 🙂

Music is Copyright 2014 Sarah Wallin Huff.

"A Madrigal" by John Callcott Horsley
“A Madrigal” by John Callcott Horsley