You’ve Written a Piece–What Now?

This is a great resource I stumbled upon for composers looking to get some musicians playing their music! …Ask performers within your network if they might be interested in playing at the concert you’re setting up… For clarity, and because it is good practice, you should draw up a written agreement… Your …

Making Music Come to Life

This season is bringing with it a most amazing opportunity to record some of my more challenging pieces with live musicians. I have always said that I would rather hear my work done by even mediocre live players than by a computer. To be fair, of course I want to …

Live Debut of “Christmas Wayfarer” for Concert Band!

Check it out! Here’s the video of the LIVE Premiere of “Christmas Wayfarer” (concert band version), performed by the Golden West Pops! You can also download the original symphonic version on my album ESOTERICA, and find the music here: (for Symphony), (for Concert Band).

Performance Debut of “Christmas Wayfarer” for Concert Band!

It’s Saturday, Dec. 3, @7pm in Santa Ana, CA. I hope you can join me for this exciting and fun concert!!

May Musical Madness!

So, May is shaping up to be a really exciting month of debuts and unique concerts! First up… This is shaping up to be a really fun gig of Modern Music with a Twist! Lainey and I will be joined by four of our talented friends and guest musicians to …

New EP Coming Soon…

As I’ve mentioned briefly before, I have a new EP in the works! It should be available in just another week or two. For now, please enjoy these clips from three (out of four total) tracks that will be appearing on the new EP – SONATA MODERNA!

Performing “Solitude’s Hypocrisy” Live!

On Friday, May 29, I’ll be performing my own work for violin and classical guitar – “Solitude’s Hypocrisy” from The Book of I OST – at this alumni event with excellent guitarist, John Paul Trotter! And, I’ll get to fiddle around with the jazz band, too! 😉 The Cal Poly Pomona Music …

Live Performance of Gypsy Wanderer

On May 1, Ken Mays (piano) and I got the opportunity to tackle the two hardest movements of my violin sonata, “Gypsy Wanderer” – Movement 1 “Irreverently” and Movement 4 “Rapide”! It was a valiant effort, to be sure – and loads of fun! Enjoy these two videos from our …

INTREPID Recording Session

Pianist/Composer Lyle Michaud managed to snag a couple shots of our recordng session last night from behind the keys…    Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made this effort possible!!

Afternoon of Jazz

We were just out in Claremont yesterday, enjoying an afternoon of original jazz fusion with my father-in-law’s awesome band, Polyhedra. Check them out! They rock!