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It’s a GO!

The contract with PARMA Recordings for the recording, design and release of my next three compositions with them (“Counterpoint Invariable,” “Adoré,” and “Gypsy Wanderer“) has been fully negotiated and signed! We’re Moving Forward!

And I just have to say how much I Love and Respect PARMA! They are a WONDERFUL company to work with! <3

Now’s the time to contribute to this campaign! View the home-base site here, or visit the Indiegogo Campaign hereThere are ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT to take part in the Indiegogo Campaign!

Spread the word, and let’s get this show on the road! :mrgreen:


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Sponsor the Recording of My Three Works…!

…We’re now on Indiegogo!

Incidentally, the three works we’re hoping to record this summer are:

“Counterpoint Invariable”:



The NEW “Gypsy Wanderer“!

If you’d like to contribute to those project through Indiegogo’s service, rather than directly here, check it out — and spread the news! 😉