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#NewTuneThursday: Dance the Dream

Welcome to #NewTuneThursday!

“Dance the Dream” merges an electronic ostinato with looped parts for electric and acoustic violins, accompanied by electric bass, creating a rich tapestry of dreamy color.

This little piece was meant to be a “spiritual sibling” to the 2003 electric violin work “Personal Echo,” utilizing a electronically looped ostinato as well as repeated phrases in the string parts that layered in and out of each other over the course of a basic ternary form. It’s really a very simple concept, but out of that evolves a lot of possibility!

I especially dig the chord progressions and the rich texture that blossoms out of them…

Enjoy listening to the live single of “Dance the Dream” below!

“Dance the Dream” can be performed by an early-intermediate ensemble. There are a couple different ensemble versions of this work available:

  • Get the original version (with parts for 6-string (or 5-string) electric violin, 4-string acoustic violin, and electric bass, as well as the mp3 Official Backing Track created to accompany this ensemble) here.
  • Get the all Acoustic Version (with parts for two acoustic violins, viola [or cello], and electric bass, as well as two mp3 Official Acoustic Backing Tracks created to accompany this ensemble — one of which includes a pre-recorded bass part, and the other which is the electric ostinato only, to accompany all four parts live) here.

And stay tuned for our new work of next week…

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Experience the “Leviathan” Multimedia Art-Book: Now Online!

Now Available for Everyone… Experience the mythological tale that under-girds the epic 25-minute Concerto! Enter the Story here…This original picture-book and poem by Sarah Wallin Huff features the three movements and subsections found within her 2008 concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, synth, and orchestra, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep,” allowing the reader to dive…

via NEW! Experience the Leviathan Multimedia Art-Book! — i Support New Music

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Semi-Live & Partial Debut of LEVIATHAN!

During our exciting Composition Studio Recital TOMORROWThursday, 482px-Destruction_of_LeviathanDec 11 @ 4pm-5pm – I will be debuting movements 1 and 3 from my 2007 concerto for 6-string electric violin, LEVIATHAN OF THE ANCIENT DEEP.

I have finished reworking the digital orchestral background for these two outer movements (and even touched up a few things in the writing itself, since it’s been 7 years since it was first written!!), and I will be performing the solo to this digital accompaniment on my dragon-fiddle, Aisling. LIVE!

You won’t want to miss this event of beautiful, creative, and stirring new music from the students at The Master’s College – and don’t miss this partial debut of the LEVIATHAN CONCERTO!!!!