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New Track Coming Soon!

Coming soon, and available now for Backstage SupportersHope Unfolding!

Inspired by the pandemic quarantine of 2020, this improvised work is an expression of relentless hope unleashed upon the world. On a day of feeling “cooped up” I was simply inspired to create this electronic backdrop of voices and texture, and the next day I pulled out my fiddle and enjoyed freely jamming around to this track.

Look for it April 10!

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New Soundtrack Demo Video

Now available is a video featuring nine selections of my music from a variety of moods and genres! Which one is your favorite? 🙂

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Track list:

0:00 “Intrepid
1:36 “Krav Maga” from Shady Oaks Takedown
2:45 “Transcendence” from Jumpy Space Fight (video game)
4:38 Finale from I Spy a Foodie
6:27Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” Movement 2: Sighting
7:26 “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep” Movement 3: The Hunt
8:50 “The Hero Leaves His Mark” from A Little Something About Noel
10:09 “Phillipy is Fragmented” from The Book of I
11:17 “I Am Water” from The Book of I

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Roland Cube Street EX

Only a few days ago, an amp I’ve been drooling over for a long time finally arrived! And I just had to share all the fun I’m having with it ?

All the effects that you hear in the video below are built-in. I’m sure they can also be combined, I just haven’t gotten the chance to play more with that yet… This amp also has the option of being battery powered, for those busking outings. And, speaking of busking, I was surprised to find how light and easy to carry it is!

I can control the output to save on power depending on the situation:

Output power is adjustable in three levels—Max (50 W), Normal (25 W), and Eco (10 W)—letting you optimize battery life for different performing situations.

One of the reasons I fell in love with this amp was the full power it offered (50 W)!! As an electric violinist, I’ve often found that I need a lot of wattage to be heard over orchestras and bands.

It has 4 independent channels, and there’s an 1/8 inch jack in which I can plug my iPhone to play with backing tracks or directly record into apps like (one of my currently favorite on-the-go recording apps) Spire.

Above all, I love how warm and natural the sound is as well as all the EQ control I have (as you can imagine, balancing the sound of 6 strings can be tricky). Enjoy taking a listen to my fooling around with the just-out-of-the-box Cube Street EX!

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“simplicity” is now available!

Due to a large and involved soundtrack project I recently took on (featuring my music that will appear in the background of an upcoming bingo game app), I am now able to share these fresh electronic tunes with you all as it’s own full album!

With smooth and comfortable underpinnings reminiscent of Brahms stepping out to jazz, or Zappa gently walking through a garden with a favorite melody, “simplicity” provides a meditative setting while rewarding close listening. The treasures are in the details […]

via “simplicity” Now Available! — Novel Soundtrax

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Leviathan of the Ancient Deep – World Premiere!

At last! My 2008 concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, synth, and chamber orchestra will be debuted LIVE in concert, alongside Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, on Sunday April 10 @ 6pm in Anaheim!!

[UPDATE: We have a venue and ticket info!!! See the updated flyer below…]

Featuring myself on the solo electric violin part (with my beloved Aisling!) and David Rentz conducting. Also featuring Lyle Michaud on the synth, and Lori Huff and Cory Stockhoff on the EWIs. Spread the word and hope to see you there!

Leviathan Announcement

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New (Mini) Album Available!

I’ve compiled a new album for you all! Introducing… Memories & The Gray: The Electronic Collection
It’s a re-compilation of all my electronically sequenced works, PLUS two brand new works I’d written for a couple previous video opportunities. I wanted to be able to share them, even though their originally anticipated use fell through… 🙂
Besides being available directly at my Store, this album is streaming now at Spotify and will be up on iTunes shortly… Enjoy!

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NEW Exclusive Single! My Gift to You!


Introducing! A brand-new, all-original dance-electronic single, vaguely in the style of my earlier sequencing exploits (Dreamscape and Vortex Warped)….


If you’re a sci-fi, steampunk, gothic fantasy, cyberpunk geek like me :mrgreen: you’ll probably love this new tune!

Enjoy a 2-minute sneak peak of this AWESOME new work:

Vocals performed by Sarah Wallin Huff. 
All musical content, sequencing, and lyrics are Copyright 2013 Sarah Wallin Huff.

GrayScale is my EXCLUSIVE gift to ALL CONTRIBUTORS to the PARMA fundraiser!

Donate $20 or more to receive this EXCLUSIVE Single, as well as all the perks you desire according to your donation level! $20 gets you a free finished, professional grade CD of my selected works, recorded and produced by PARMA!

Feel free to either donate directly at my site, or via my FundRazr page — both come directly to me, and I’ll be able to get in touch with you regarding your perks. I will email you a private link to the full GrayScale track on SoundCloud, and you’ll be able to download it and enjoy it!! 😀

THANK YOU for your support! <3