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NEW Exclusive Single! My Gift to You!


Introducing! A brand-new, all-original dance-electronic single, vaguely in the style of my earlier sequencing exploits (Dreamscape and Vortex Warped)….


If you’re a sci-fi, steampunk, gothic fantasy, cyberpunk geek like me :mrgreen: you’ll probably love this new tune!

Enjoy a 2-minute sneak peak of this AWESOME new work:

Vocals performed by Sarah Wallin Huff. 
All musical content, sequencing, and lyrics are Copyright 2013 Sarah Wallin Huff.

GrayScale is my EXCLUSIVE gift to ALL CONTRIBUTORS to the PARMA fundraiser!

Donate $20 or more to receive this EXCLUSIVE Single, as well as all the perks you desire according to your donation level! $20 gets you a free finished, professional grade CD of my selected works, recorded and produced by PARMA!

Feel free to either donate directly at my site, or via my FundRazr page — both come directly to me, and I’ll be able to get in touch with you regarding your perks. I will email you a private link to the full GrayScale track on SoundCloud, and you’ll be able to download it and enjoy it!! 😀

THANK YOU for your support! <3

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New Gizmos!

So, I’ve spent the better part of this weekend, revamping my FB presence, by creating my very own Facebook Artist Page! I know, it’s probably about time, haha! :mrgreen:

Some glorious things to explore on that page, include:

I’ve been exploring ALL kinds of Crowdfunding platforms… learning as I go for this project… And I am really impressed and… REFRESHED…. with FundRazr! It’s simple, classy, and I can integrate it with my Facebook Page, and other social networks! I LOVE it — completely hassle-free! :mrgreen:

Visit the link and consider helping us reach our $20,000 goal — every little bit helps! <3