“Sing, Sing, Sing,” from SCPhil Concert – 2/28/2017

Still one of my all-time favorite arrangements to play! ^_^ Enjoy!

Live Debut of “Christmas Wayfarer” for Concert Band!

Check it out! Here’s the video of the LIVE Premiere of “Christmas Wayfarer” (concert band version), performed by the Golden West Pops! You can also download the original symphonic version on my album ESOTERICA, and find the music here: (for Symphony), (for Concert Band).

Performance Debut of “Christmas Wayfarer” for Concert Band!

It’s Saturday, Dec. 3, @7pm in Santa Ana, CA. I hope you can join me for this exciting and fun concert!!

Music Nerds #2, and the Debut of “Intrepid”

The Music Nerds Video #2 is out! Join me in exploring how and why we calculate intervals and why the relationship between two notes is so important to a music’s flow. And, on Sunday Nov 6 at 3pm in Santa Clarita, the Santa Clarita Phil will be playing a FREE …

Northshore Suzuki Strings Perform “Garden Prayer”

In May, the Northshore Suzuki Strings of Milwaukee, WI, under the direction of Carol Waldvogel, performed my work from 1998, “A Garden Prayer” — and they did a marvelous job of it! Check it out for yourself! 😀   I also had the great priviledge of being able to chat with …

Last Day for June 12 Discount!

Purchase your tickets for June 12 TODAY and use code MEMORIES758 to save $2!! Today is the LAST DAY to use this discount code! There are still **9 M&TG Care Packages Left!** We won’t know what time we play until we have at least 15 tickets purchased… So help us …

June 12 Show at Amplyfi!

We’re at it again! Missed us the last time? Come see us on Sunday June 12 at an all-ages venue! Show starts at 6:30pm. And, we are looking for 10 DEVOTED FANS to give a special package to this time. The first 10 people to purchase their tickets before the show …

Pics from Silverlake Lounge

Here are a few fab photos of myself, Lainey, & friends during our “Memories & The Gray” set at Silverlake Lounge!

Memories & The Gray @ Silverlake Lounge

“Modern Music” often gets a bad rap. It’s hard to define. Let Sarah Wallin Huff & friends fill your ears and soul with fresh music that takes you by the hand and invites you to dream in color.   *Can’t make it? You can still help us grow! For everyone …

Last chance Discount Code!

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