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#NewTuneThursday: Bonnie Prince Charlie

Welcome to #NewTuneThursday!

This has always been such a fun medley to play!

Based on a set of traditional Scottish tunes, this 5.5 minute long work is a sweeping journey of melody, color, and heart. Beginning somberly with a single violin, it soon opens up and begins driving forward. Each consecutive tune increases in tempo and ferocity until the set ends in a passionate, victorious rendition of the title tune, “Bonnie Prince Charlie.” Though the melodies reflect the ageless tunes on which they’re based, the chords and harmony parts are all original, bringing the classic fiddle sound into a fresh, modern light.

This work took a long time to put together, in the sense that I grew up “fiddling around” on each of these traditional tunes, and others. So I guess this medley is sort of a microcosm of my joyful foray into traditional Celtic music throughout my youth. I eventually had an opportunity to use the ending arrangement of “Bonnie Prince Charlie” with another song that I was playing with a band. And from there, it just evolved into this awesomely fun work!

There are currently two versions of the sheet music available:

In the recording below, you’ll hear the version for string trio (2 fiddles and viola). Enjoy!

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Listen on YouTube Music

“Bonnie Prince Charlie” can be performed by an early-intermediate ensemble. Stay tuned for our new work of next week…

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My AZ Adventure

Recently, I had the IMMENSE honor and pleasure of traveling out to Phoenix, AZ to play as guest fiddler for a show with the band Mrs. Lincoln.

The whole trip was just way-too-much-stinkin’-fun! And the show was awesome, to say the least! A wonderfully talented group of musicians and crazy-fun people to work with and hang out with! :mrgreen:MrsLincolnFanMsg

I am incredibly honored to be an honorary member of the band, and I can’t wait to play with them again real soon.

Here are a couple great examples of our jamming together in rehearsal, on the song “Caleb Meyer”…


Another fun adventure I got to have on my day-time-off before rehearsal with the band, was my chance to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. I LOVED it! So much fun! I spent about five hours in there, and was able to see everything! I’ve compiled a host of photographs for you to enjoy, just to give you a taste of the experience….

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