Responses from the Fans

I finished your book.  I LOVED IT!  Held my attention all the way.  You should be very proud of your work, and so should some publisher. – K.G.


…I love Book II! This trilogy is going to break the re-make mold [the current trend in entertainment to re-make old stories, rather than to write original, relevant ones]. It’s a story for our time. – Danielle Cummins


…it’s quite excellent. The characters are very intriguing, the narrative is compelling, and you reveal just enough to leave me wanting more…No villain starts out villainous, but somehow stories like this which concentrate on the fall seem actually more rare. You are a very good writer, I like your voice, and I can’t wait to read more. It is professional-quality for sure. I can’t wait to read more… – D.S.


You truly are an excellent writer, and in just a couple chapters you have me irrevocably hooked into this futuristic world you’ve made, and the very real characters who inhabit it. You have a real skill for nuance of character and realism in dialogue…There is a cinematic quality to how you introduce each scene, and how it ends. It reads very much like a blockbuster film shaped into the written word…It seems to me part J. K. Rowling, part Orson Scott Card, and all you, and that is good company. – D.S.


As you can see by the hour I am writing, it is your book for which I am unable to sleep at the moment… [it] is a “gripping” story. It reads clear, intelligently, refreshing characters and leaves the reader with the anticipation of, “What’s next!” – A.W.


I’m really intrigued by your story, Sarah!…Of course, the descriptions are wonderful, but I also enjoy the futuristic aspect of it, how you describe the technology and the history. You really have put a lot of effort into it…I’m trying to pace myself by only reading one chapter a day, but it would be easy to just read and read and read what you’ve written. Kudos to you! – Z.K.




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