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It features three of Sarah’s top albums — including an autographed copy of “Soul of the Machine” —

as well as a lovely “GrayScale” tile coaster and
“Memories & The Gray” keychain!

Everything the Imaginative Individualist needs!

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“…the soundtrack [‘Music for The Book of I’] composed by Sarah Wallin Huff stands out as both a powerful album, taking its listener on an emotional journey of beauty, despair, and hope, as well as a fascinating study of the composer’s visceral and intellectual connection to the source material…the album is a stunning collection of gorgeous, orchestral selections comprised mostly of string instruments that are, at times, vividly haunting but always entirely engrossing.” – Barbra Dillon

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“[Sarah’s] creative output strikes an interesting balance between past, present and future, making important connections between past practices and present-day culture. We as musicians are fortunate to be involved in a living tradition, and she is one of the ones working to move it forward in both quality and relevancy.”
– Dr. Peter Yates
“…mechanical structures, formulae, the power of story, and inner complexity will give rise to striking and emotional beauty, and if constructed well, unforeseen elegance. I am a lover of fractals, pitch-class set theory, classic modal counterpoint, and many other such ambiguous structures. In allowing such to guide me as I construct patterns of notes, I have thus seen and heard a most organic artistry, with countless facets of intrigue, arise from the page.”
– Sarah Wallin Huff
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