“simplicity” provides a meditative setting while rewarding close listening. Download includes mp3s and wavs with album art.

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With smooth and comfortable underpinnings reminiscent of Brahms stepping out to jazz, or Zappa gently walking through a garden with a favorite melody, “simplicity” provides a meditative setting while rewarding close listening. The treasures are in the details; variations thread interplays that create some utterly lovely questions while maintaining flow of both song and album.

Always interesting, changes in humor and construction bring out solid songs and an album that feels at once friendly and together in every way. A most excellent endeavor which has listeners flipping back to the beginning as soon as they’re finished. Listeners finds themselves welcomed, reminded that building layered patterns can excite and drive the ear without demanding attention in jumps and starts.

Or: “I had a blast, and as I’m now on the third replay, the blast hasn’t technically stopped yet.”

[from WDV]

[SHEET MUSIC] The Reluctant Carnie


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