Legend Seekers


Full-length instrumental album, released April 5, 2019, featuring the epic concerto for 6-string electric violin, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep”!


In a world where adventure calls and the intrepid answer… where the daring explore a mystifying world of Dream and Thought… where heartbreak twists into furious desperation… where virtuosic fits of funkiness stare brazenly into the face of danger… where forgetfulness drives discovery and hope…

In this world, Leviathan — a creature that haunts the Ancient Depths — lies in wait to strike upon those that seek its legendary might!
Who will win this contest of wills? The stirring waves bear witness to this eternal struggle…

Included in this epic album release (of mp3s and wav files) is the original album art by Tim Wilsie, the Leviathan merch artwork, and liner notes!

Sarah’s music has a classy, understated sound, yet it is baroque and ornate, tipping the hat off to genius composers like Debussy, but also tipping the hat off experimental ideas and cinematic scores…A true masterpiece, with so many nuances…making for a really diverse set of colors. (ARTISTRACK)


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