Gypsy Wanderer (vln, pno)


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Sonata for Violin and Piano. Includes four movements.

Gypsy Wanderer, four-movement sonata for Violin and Piano. 10 minutes. (2013) Performed by Duo Appassionato October 20, 2013 in Seal Beach, CA. Appears on the 2014 Navona album, “Soul of the Machine.”

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4

An original Sonata for Violin and Piano; completed in April of 2013, the originating sketches for this four-movement work existed as early as 2008, and were a part of Wallin Huff’s first graduate lessons in composition, while studying under Dr. Mark Carlson. “Gypsy Wanderer” is a unique addition to Wallin Huff’s repertoire in that it is an early exploration of patterns, color, and formula.

The nature of the four movements can be described in affect as follows: I. Irreverently: dance-like and fluid; II. Grave: surreal and sublime; III. Con brio: diligent and determined; IV. Rapide: passionate yet controlled. The work is riveting and soulful in its earthy and irreverent, rhythmic and harmonic wanderings.


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