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  • Fever Pitch


    An advanced solo for Unaccompanied Viola. Duration: approx. 6 minutes. Download includes solo part.

  • Music for The Book of I (The Existential Edition)


    A musical interpretation of a man’s journey through self-discovery and, ultimately, to freedom, based on the novel, The Book of I, by Jorge Armenteros.

    This special, “Existential Edition” features a quality remastering of tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9 by Devoye Folkes, as well as the rerecording of tracks 2, 5, and 6.

    Download includes mp3s, album artwork, and liner notes.

    **Purchase the novel and accompanying artwork on Amazon!**

  • Falada


    Work for piano and string trio. Score and Parts included.



    Sarah’s newest full-length album! Download includes mp3 tracks, Album Art, and Album Notes.

    ESOTERICA invites the listener to journey through arcane mists of time and diverse worlds of sound. From one of Wallin Huff’s earliest works, “Pegasus,” to her latest work, “Weeping Willow,” this album is woven together from the threads of intimate chamber music, sweeping orchestral works, and even some modern electronica. A mystical aura breathes throughout ESOTERICA, surrounding the spirit with wonder.

  • Celtic Alleluia, for String Quartet


    Score and Parts for this string quartet arrangement of the beloved Celtic Alleluia, perfect for special events.

  • Dance the Dream (Acoustic Version)


    “Dance the Dream” merges an electronic ostinato with looped parts for violins, viola (or cello) accompanied by electric bass, creating a rich tapestry of dreamy color.

    The Acoustic Version download includes parts for two acoustic violins, viola (or cello), and electric bass, as well as two mp3 Official Acoustic Backing Tracks created to accompany this ensemble (one of which includes a pre-recorded bass part, and the other which is the electric ostinato only, to accompany all four parts live).

  • Face in the Moonlight


    For Mezzo-Soprano, String Quartet, and Piano
    State Finalist winner of the BMI John Lennon Song Writing Contest!

    Score and one set of Parts included as a single PDF file.

  • Kandy (Your Smile, Your Eyes)


    Love song, for mezzo-soprano, violin, viola, piano, and drums.

  • Butterfly Lullaby


    For Mezzo-Soprano, Viola, and Piano

    Score and one set of Parts included as a single PDF file.

  • Greek Dance


    For String Quartet
    Composed in 2002, this charming and enthusiastic work for string quartet makes playful use of the various rhythmic textures able to be derived from odd-beat patterns. Though it stands, in its spontaneity and brevity, as one of Wallin Huff’s earlier works, it remains a favorite among those who have tackled its deceptively simple intricacies.

    Score and one set of Parts included as a single PDF file.