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  • Pursuit of Truth (The Kesher Chronicles #1)


    It is 2,241 years after the human race resumed counting. America has undergone a prior century of tyranny. When Janice Smith’s mother is attacked in their home, the twelve-year-old girl escapes. While evading the agents who pursue her, Janice stumbles upon an underground society living outside the System’s absolute control…

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  • Questions of Faith (The Kesher Chronicles #2)


    Twenty-three years after surviving the Scandal of 2241, Janice Parc lives out her adulthood in pleasant normalcy with her husband and three children. But the last living relative of Agent David Rifadoft will not allow her suffering, nor that of her people, to go unanswered.

    Download includes digital and PDF copies, as well as cover art.

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Showing all 2 results