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    This EP features all new Classical music, as well as the return of a recent favorite, composed and performed by Sarah Wallin Huff. SONATA MODERNA is a sonic journey of movement – of nostalgia and anticipation. Download includes mp3 and wav tracks, Album Art, and Album Notes.

    Track Listing:
    1) Sonata Moderna
    2) Sweet Camila (from The Book of I OST)
    3) Organic Circuitry
    4) Intrepid (Live Demo Version)
    Plus, Album Notes!

  • Soul of the Machine (Enhanced CD)


    As in a Philip K. Dick or Isaac Asimov novel, composer Sarah Wallin Huff’s music on SOUL OF THE MACHINE, her debut solo release on Navona Records, explores the relationships between mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity.

  • Memories & The Gray – EP


    **May 2016 Akademia Award Winner for Best Ambient/Instrumental EP** Enjoy Sarah Wallin Huff’s electronic music in one collection! Featuring three brand-new tracks as well as timeless favorites. Download includes mp3 and wav tracks, Album Art, and Album Notes.



    Download includes mp3 and wav tracks, Album Art, and Album Notes. ESOTERICA invites the listener to journey through arcane mists of time and diverse worlds of sound.

  • Dance the Dream (Live Single)


    “Dance the Dream” creates a rich tapestry of electro-acoustic instruments in dreamy color.

  • simplicity


    “simplicity” provides a meditative setting while rewarding close listening. Download includes mp3s and wavs with album art.

  • Paroketh’s Veil (CBTTF Records)

    “…transcend[ing] chamber music to an ethereal experience.”

    Available via CBTTF Records.

  • Music for The Book of I (The Existential Edition)


    A musical interpretation of a man’s journey through self-discovery and, ultimately, to freedom, based on the novel, The Book of I, by Jorge Armenteros. Download includes mp3s, wavs, album artwork, and liner notes.

Showing 1–8 of 17 results