Soloists with Orchestra

[SHEET MUSIC] Leviathan of the Ancient Deep

[SHEET MUSIC] Intrepid

[SHEET MUSIC] I Know What Death Sounds Like

[SHEET MUSIC] Phillipy is Fragmented

Courage Triptych (Sheet Music)

String Quartet

[SHEET MUSIC] Anima Mechanicae

[SHEET MUSIC] Sweet Camlia

[SHEET MUSIC] Greek Dance

[SHEET MUSIC] In the Forest

Other Chamber Ensembles

[SHEET MUSIC] Solitude's Hypocrisy

[SHEET MUSIC] Counterpoint Invariable

The Oracle

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[SHEET MUSIC] The Oracle


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[SHEET MUSIC] Gleann Na Aes SĂ­dhe

[SHEET MUSIC] Bonnie Prince Charlie

[SHEET MUSIC] Morgan's Joy

Concert Works for Voice

Of Roses and Lilies

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[SHEET MUSIC] Of Roses and Lilies

[SHEET MUSIC] Faces in Foam

[SHEET MUSIC] Fair Katrinelje

[SHEET MUSIC] Now Winter Nights Enlarge

[SHEET MUSIC] Butterfly Lullaby


[SHEET MUSIC] Face in the Moonlight

[SHEET MUSIC] The Old Beggar-Woman

[SHEET MUSIC] Cradle Song