Hill Street Quartet

Irene (violin) and Anne (cello)

Founded January 2011, the Hill Street Quartet features violinists Sarah Wallin Huff and Irene Shiao, cellist Anne Sherrill, and violist Rachel Fabulich.


Hill Street Quartet: Anne Sherrill (cello), Irene Shiao (violin), Rachel Fabulich (viola), Sarah Wallin Huff (violin)

Ultimately meeting for the first time to provide standard string quartet music for a wedding, the four ladies decided they loved their sound and companionship! Desiring to experience more demanding music together, the opportunity for such collaboration arose in the form of the first annual, ASTA-sponsored Chamber Music Festival of 2011 at the University of Redlands.

The ladies met for four weeks at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music on Hill Ave. to rehearse Sarah Wallin Huff’s original quartet, “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine” and prepare it for its first-ever, live debut performance! And, so, taking its name from the street where they met (and continue to meet) to rehearse, the Hill Street Quartet was born!

…You can read about, and view the video from, this exciting performance, here!…

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Anne (cello) and Rachel (viola), wedding at Mission Inn

The Quartet continues to provide music for a variety of events, from weddings and parties to recitals; performing music covering the gamut of the well-loved Classics and brand new compositions, to alternative and pop styles.

Hill Street Quartet, in action!


If you are interested in having the Hill Street Quartet perform at an event, or would like to hear us live, please feel free to contact me!