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Introducing… “Of Roses and Lilies”

At last, the epic song for Soprano, Women’s Chorus, Soprano Recorder, English Horn, Piano, and String Orchestra is COMPLETE! And joins the ranks of the four new pieces I’ve completed this year alone, interestingly enough…. :mrgreen:

A little history: This work was actually first written approximately back in 2002 or 2004 or so. It was originally only for soprano, piano, and two-part women’s chorus. But it hadn’t sat well with me, as it just didn’t quite communicate all the powerful potential that it could… So, after “doodling” around with it for a bit in the interim, I finally settled on the instrumental forces listed above, and from then on I ran ahead with full momentum and excitement, seeing it through to its glorious finish!

Enjoy the rough demo recording below, and look forward to future performances and proper recordings of it in the near future! 😉

Read the Lyrics here!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies

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Just felt like sharing this oldie-but-goodie….

How very appropriate are the lyrics for our current state of affairs….! I wish more could take these words seriously in our world….

“In a word, let me say: if we might keep in necessary things Unity, in unnecessary (doubtful) things Freedom, and in both (everything) Charity, our affairs would certainly be in the best condition.
…How quickly the glory of the world passes away.
… Mystery of faith.”

Verbo dicam: Si nos servaremus in necesariis Unitatem,
In dubiis Libertatem, in omnibus Charitatem, optimo certe loco essent res nostrae.
O quam cito transit gloria mundi.
In necesariis Unitatem, in dubiis Libertatem, in omnibus Caritas, Caritas,
…in omnibus Caritas, optimo certe
Loco essent res nostrae. Mysterium fideii.
In a word, let me say: if we might keep in necessary things Unity, in unnecessary (doubtful)
things Freedom, and in both (everything) Charity, our affairs would certainly be in the best
…How quickly the glory of the world passes away.
… Mystery of faith.

(Purchase Introit here….)

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It’s Here!

A little bit of backstory:

Spring of 2012, I was invited by PARMA Recordings in New Hampshire to have them record and produce my original work for string quartet, “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine“, to include it on the compilation album: “ALLUSIONS: Evocative Chamber Works” that was to be released worldwide, in-stores and online, distributed and promoted by PARMA under the Navona label, and included in the Naxos Library.


Well, as of two days ago, I received my completed early-release artist copies of the finished album! My work is featured as the first track! The album will be officially released Sept 24, but I was thrilled to see the actual product now! It’s just such an amazing milestone!

(FYI: PARMA is also in the middle of recording and producing my first solo composition album with them — an album of all my own works — which will include “Anima Mechanicae”, “Adoré” (for string orchestra), “Counterpoint Invariable” (for three violins), and “Gypsy Wanderer” (violin and piano) among others.

If anybody would like to donate to the project, you can find more info here…)

Also, I will have some copies of the early release of ALLUSIONS available for $10 a copy, if anyone would like to purchase directly from me (and I’m happy to sign copies, too). 🙂


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Videos from Our Seal Beach Gig

Enjoy these couple of videos from the Guts&Ivory gig earlier this month in Seal Beach:


And don’t forget to save the date of October 20th! Pianist Michael Jung and I will be playing an awesome concert of works by Brahms, Suk, and yours-truly!

We’ll be debuting my recent original work, “Gypsy Wanderer” LIVE for the first time!

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Hooray! Got more done on “Of Roses and Lilies” today!!

I worked out the (typically complicated) chord structure/progressions and the finished piano part for the middle “bridge-like” section (that comes next after where the present demo recording ends)…. Thus, with the framework now finished, I can finish orchestrating that section next… Then that means, I’m at least 2/3rds of the way done with the piece!!!!

It’s taking on a BEAUTIFUL shape!! I can’t wait to share it when I’m done!!!!

Title Page_Roses-Lilies

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gypsy wanderer_TITLEThe Sonata for violin and piano, “Gypsy Wanderer,” is now available in PDF download form on Sheet Music Plus!

Don’t forget you can always order the full-color, printed and bound version at my Online Store, too… 😉

(Get the album here!)

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Difficult Music as a World Inspiration

I had become interested in writing difficult music, etudes, because of the world system which often seems to many of us hopeless. I thought that were a musician to give the example in public of doing the impossible that it would inspire someone who was struck by that performance to change the world.

–John Cage (Note with Etcetera KTC 2016.); as quoted in Modern Music and After by Paul Griffiths, Oxford University Press 2010, pg 286-7.