Sinfonia Shaping Up Nice! Or, Explorations of Hexachords

I am just so stoked about how my new orchestral Sinfonia is shaping up! I got a lot of fascinating work done on it today… Long story short… I developed an intro theme and then broke that apart to find it was built upon 6 distinct notes (not counting a …

Stream-of-Consciousness Composition

I recall the final question posed to me in my Graduate Oral Exam: “Where do you see yourself as a composer in the long history of composers before you?” (Or, something to that effect.) Honestly, I hated the question. At that point in my life, I’d been composing music professionally …

“Weeping Willow” Practice Session

My good friend, Adrienne Andisheh, and I got together yesterday to start practicing the two violin parts for our recording session of “Weeping Willow” on Dec 18! This video was only the second time we ran it together; we still have some spots to iron out, but I was super impressed by how quickly it’s coming together, and HOW FUN it is to play!!!

The recording should be available on Dec 20; you can hear the duet in perfection with our pianist then!! 😀

New Music Nerds Video Up!

Join Sarah as she goes over the basics of what makes a melody stronger or weaker, with sonic examples!

The Music Nerds! – A New Video Series

I’ve had several colleagues tell me that I should have an ongoing music theory video series. Well, after starting work on the framework for a current violin duet project, I decided to kick this idea off, once and for all! 🙂 Enjoy the first installment of The Music Nerds! – “Pitch-Class Basics”: …

“The Oracle” – An Experiment in Aleatorism & Formula

I’m in the middle of composing a real neat piece right now for a July 1 deadline… I’m calling it “The Oracle,” and it’s for flute/piccolo, Bb clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. What I’ve done is set up a complex set of “rules” that guide my writing based on the …

Arranging Masterclass @ CalPoly

Later today, I get to work with the Cal Poly Pomona Sax Quartet and talk about techniques arranging existing works for unusual instrumentation! Fri, Jan. 15th, 3pm-5pm in the campus Music Recital Hall


  I’ve finished my new flute and piano piece! ^_^ …this intense and spastic work exploits various manipulations of a twelve-tone row (dodecaphony) and sets the serial melody to a backdrop of hard bop and swing… Introducing… DodecaFunky! It was totally fun to put together! Enjoy the rough digital demo …

Applications Open Now for 2015 CMI Sessions

Are you one of my students, privately or at the college? There is scholarship money available for you to join us this summer at the Chamber Music Institute of Southern California! Contact me or visit the link below for more details!

Learning to Read Music is Easy, and Valuable for Everybody!

Everyone can (and should) learn the basic fundamentals of reading music — it’s NO different than when you first learned to read words. And you don’t even have to be able to play an instrument to understand or appreciate it! By learning even the simplest basics, you open yourself up …