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Photos from Second “The Book of I” Session

Enjoy these awesome photos taken by the husband of Cathy Alonzo (my principal violist and long-time friend) during our second Book of I recording session. Many thanks again to all who participated!!!! <3

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The Book of I, OST!

The recordings… are officially COMPLETE!

My end of The Book of I project is finished, and I love it! Many thanks again to everyone who participated to bring this music to life!

I began composing this 50 minute album of music in January (2014), and finished writing in April; now, toward the end of May, the recordings are complete! (I have never completed such a vast and intriguing collection of music so quickly and so well before; I feel like I can do anything now, haha!) 😉

Take a listen to clips from all of the LIVE TRACKS at the new home-page for The Book of I OST!

And watch for the official release of my album — with Jorge‘s novel (the inspiration behind all of this) and Liselott Johnsson’ original artwork — in November 2014!!

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A New Little Trifle – #genwar

The call for my music has begun, in regard to the creation of the upcoming documentary, “A Generation at War,” directed by Adair Cole, and produced by Joshua Todd and Nick Walker.

I’m very excited about this opportunity and glad to see the documentary moving forward! From what I hear, they are in the process of creating trailers now, and thus requested some appropriate music from which samples could be taken. As I couldn’t find anything I’d already written that was satisfactory for the need (to my mind), I went ahead and threw together a little two-minute string trifle yesterday. 🙂

Thought I’d share my resultant little trifle for your enjoyment here. Keep an eye out for Adair Cole’s awesome documentary, “A Generation at War”!

#genwar trailer

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Slated Release Date for New Solo Debut Album!!

It’s official! The release of my solo debut album with PARMA Recordings — SOUL OF THE MACHINE —  is slated for August 12, 2014!



Included on the album will be the professional recordings of the following works (in no particular order):

  • Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine
  • Counterpoint Invariable
  • Gypsy Wanderer
  • Courage Triptych
  • Adoré

The promotional description sample I’ve seen is absolutely beautiful! This truly is an album of “mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity.” I’ll let you read it for yourself when it comes out this August!

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Tim Yao Photo Shoot

I am so honored and pleased to have a colleague like the multi-talented Tim Yao. Enjoy these brand new official Profile shots he created for me today!

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Of Roses and Lilies: The Live Debut!!

Here it is!! The recording from our live debut of “Of Roses and Lilies” — It. Is. SO. Beautiful… Live!! :mrgreen:

Ayla Draper — pianist, vocalist, and composer extraordinaire — did just the most beautiful job bringing the solo of my work to life!

Also to be congratulated for this performance are:

  • Viki Bertram, English horn
  • Mike Nicholes, soprano recorder
  • Sara Owinyo, Amelia Hancock, Marissa Blount, and Caroline Martin, vocalists
  • Everyone in The Master’s College String Ensemble

Enjoy this recording taken from the performance! If you’d like to read the lyrics, just click here.

 “Of Roses and Lilies” (Sarah Wallin Huff)

Completed in 2013, this work is “A Romantic Expression Based on King Solomon’s Song of Songs.” Flirting with musical and dramatic elements from Medieval Europe to the ancient Middle East and Ancient Greek Theatre, “Of Roses and Lilies” features the solo soprano in the role of The Woman; she expresses her love, devotion, and delight toward her Lover while the Daughters of Jerusalem — as with that of the collective commentary of a Greek chorus — listen and engage with The Woman in her tales touting the glories of her Beloved.

The work is in three major sections after the expressive and fluid introduction: the first in A Minor, introducing the characters and their vivd emotions; the second in A Major, during which The Woman shares a tale of her Lover calling her to escape with him into the night… “For the winter is past and the rain gone…” —when for a moment she hesitates, she wonders if she is too late, only to find that he is still there waiting for her, encouraging her with the sweet words of his continued adoration toward her; the third section returns to the original themes in A Minor, yet gains an expression of great power and fervency as The Woman’s love for her Beloved utterly transforms her.

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First Official Track Recorded!

The recording for “Solitude’s Hypocrisy” is finished! Many thanks to the generous talents of Brett Bird (violinist) and Jonatas Mostacato (guitarist)! Enjoy the teaser-clip from it below… And be sure to keep an eye out and an ear open for the full release of the entire album with Jorge Armenteros’ novel “THE BOOK OF I” as well as artwork by Liselott Johnsson!


The ever-shifting world throws me into a lonely corner when I need someone. And when I crave solitude, my skull lets everybody into my mind… when I could almost touch Phillipy, he jumped…Even Camila, walking away from me when I need her most. — Teaston, from ‘The Book of I’ by Jorge Armenteros

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ALLUSIONS Reviewed in Sonograma Magazine!

Here’s a quote from my portion of the review of ALLUSIONS in Sonograma Magazine (roughly translated from Catalan):

The tint of these frescoes is rather yellowish tone sound, marked at times by the remembrance, dazzled on time for a glimmer of the past that looks towards the future, as in the case of the string quartet violinist and American composer Sarah Wallin Huff (1980-), titled Anima Mechanicae (2007) and “dedicated to computers and robots of the future, they will want to dream like humans do”. It is perhaps this faculty dream what makes the melodic lines of this quartet music more human, despite its minimalist and mechanical character.


Purchase your own copy of ALLUSIONS here!