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“The Book of I” is Available; Album Available Soon!

Out today is Jorge Armenteros‘ striking novel, “The Book of I,” as well as artwork by Liselott Johnsson. Unfortunately, there was a slight delay in the release of my accompanying OST, but the album will be available shortly, I promise – within the coming week. So keep your eyes and ears out for it!

In the meantime, go read this fantastic review for the album and the encompassing collaboration by Barbra Dillon over at Fanboy Comics. And, you can go listen to teaser clips at my Book of I OST page!

-excerpt from Fanboy Comics…

…the soundtrack composed by Sarah Wallin Huff stands out as both a powerful album, taking its listener on an emotional journey of beauty, despair, and hope, as well as a fascinating study of the composer’s visceral and intellectual connection to the source material.  Featuring the stellar work of musicians Darrell Peries, Caleb Barnes, Cathy Alonzo, Jenna Ford, Lainey Elizabeth White, Brett Bird, Jonatas Mostacato, Ayla Draper, and [Wallin] Huff herself, the album is a stunning collection of gorgeous, orchestral selections comprised mostly of string instruments that are, at times, vividly haunting but always entirely engrossing.  [Wallin] Huff, who previously released her own album, Soul of the Machine, earlier this year, clearly has a passion and a gift for sharing every ounce of her mind, body, and soul with the listener, as if providing a warm invitation for the listener to share the same in response.


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“Adoré” Performed at CFAMC Convention

Yesterday, my work for string orchestra, “Adoré” was performed beautifully by the Biola Symphony Orchestra as part of the CFAMC National Convention.

It made me so happy to hear how much the performers (and audience, too) loved it. What can I say? I love writing enjoyable music for strings! 🙂

Enjoy the video from their performance below:

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Great Review for Soul of the Machine!

Check out this review from babysue:

Sometimes the idea behind the music is just as interesting as the music itself. According to the press release that accompanied this disc, the music on this album “…explores the relationships between mechanical structures, organic beauty, and identity.” Now that might sound a bit complex and heady, but after hearing the music on Soul of the Machine…you’ll get it. Sarah Wallin Huff presents three unusual compositions that tackle some intriguing ideas and topics. [Wallin] Huff is a violinist and Professor of Composition (and conductor of the Chamber Ensemble) at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. Her music is quite complex and unusual and yet…very easy to absorb and appreciate. There’s a lot to take in here. These three compositions clock in at over sixty-two minutes and incorporate a wide variety of sounds and ideas. Our favorite is the wonderfully moody and subtle “Gypsy Wanderer” which is divided into four sections (“Irreverently,” “Grave,” Con Brio,” and “Rapide”). This piece features Maria Wozniakiewicz on violin and Karolina Rojahn on piano and is nothing short of breathtaking. Another exceptionally slick release from the fine folks at Navona.

It’s really, really nice to hear when my music has reached somebody in such powerful ways. I enjoy it (duh!), but it’s so gratifying to hear when others are touched positively by it, too. 🙂

Find “Soul of the Machine” here.

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News from CD Release Event & Upcoming Concert!

Lots has been going on as the new school year has been kicked off and running smoothly… madly, but smoothly, haha! 😉

I finally was able to find some media from the Soul of the Machine Debut Event at Brave New World Comics!

  • Christina, Lainey, Jenna, and I perform “Anima Mechanicae”!

  • Lyle Michaud and I goof around a  bit and improvise a little something together….


Coming up on Saturday October 11th, at 1:30pm, my work “Adoré” for string orchestra will be performed by the Biola University Symphony Orchestra as a featured work (representing myself as a featured guest composer) for the annual CFMAC National Conference at Biola University! Visit the link for more information.


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Fanboy Comics’ Interview

Barbra Dillon of Fanboy Comics has been SO gracious toward me! She just finished an interview with yours truly about everything I’ve had going on up ’til now. Enjoy reading that interview (including what my Geek Loves are) here!

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New Preview Video for “Soul of the Machine” Album

Check out this beautiful preview video for my new album – to be released August 12 – “Soul of the Machine,” shared by Parma Recordings! Featuring clips from Courage Triptych’s Image 1: A Garden Prayer, Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine, and Adoré.

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The Book of I – Cover

Behold this lovely and evocative cover art by artist Liselott Johnsson for Jorge Armenteros‘ work, The Book of I.

Be sure to click through Liselott’s beautiful galleries of work (she has several; the aforementioned link is only her most recent). And, if you haven’t already, be sure to visit my page of track samples from “The Book of I” original soundtrack.

Most importantly– remember: the novel, artwork, and music will all be available for purchase this November! 😀


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“Anima Mechanicae” to be performed in UK!

My fan-favorite 2007 string quartet Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine will have its official UK premiere on July 6, 2014 at the Exeter Phoenix Auditorium!

It will be featured in the concert “Machine Music”:

…an evening of music inspired, composed and performed by machines.

Featuring the work of John White, Annie Gosfield, Kraftwerk, Bach, Sarah Wallin Huff, George Antheil, Conlon Nancarrow and two new pieces by Exeter based composer Simon Belshaw.

Music is played by a string quartet and will also feature music for/played by/created with player piano, music boxes, film, radio signals, ipad and raspberry pi.

Visit this link for more details! And if you happen to be in the area of Devon, be sure to go and check out this amazing concert!

exeter phoenix auditorium