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Great List of Music Education Resources…and Beethoven Digitally….

A special thanks to Pierce for this following helpful link, and for his very kind words! 🙂

…since I have been working on creating some new music resources for K-12 students, your page was a great source of information.

As a thank you, I thought I would pass along this additional resource I have been using as well in case you were looking to add more to your page. I have been using material from this page, It has a ton of great music resources that you and your users may find helpful!

I especially enjoyed the link that led me to Beethoven-Haus-Bonn – an all-Beethoven digital site. Everything from a digital Archive of the Great Master’s music, sketches, pictures, instruments, written documents, and more! Plus, I think I’ve just spent at least the last two hours on the “Hello, Beethoven!” for kids link! The wealth of information, and the fun way it’s presented, is absolutely engaging for young and young at heart!

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Thoughts on ‘Threnody’

Download the original paper (for which this article is an addendum) here!

(This article is featured on Wikipedia!)

I recently received a lovely email from a student in Canterbury, UK:

I’m conducting some research on Penderecki and his use of “emotive” titles for some of his works, taking Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima as a key example…I’m particularly interested to know exactly when Penderecki changed the title of this work and why, so any further pointers would be really helpful…

I learned some interesting factoids in my bit o’ research for my response, and I thought it prudent to add it as a side note to my original Threnody… outline. Here’s what I found out (and how I responded):

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New and Updated: Essays and Study Outlines

Be sure to check out my newly updated Additional Reading page!! Now featuring the essay RAVEL’S DAPHNIS ET CHLOÉ: A Miracle in the Making, and 6 Study Outlines on composers, their lives, and specific featured works, including:

  • Lully
  • Boccherini
  • Hindemith
  • Messiaen
  • Penderecki
  • Ravel

I have one more essay (of which I am VERY proud) – an in-depth study on Leonard Bernstein’s Second Symphony Age of Anxiety – and several more outlines on various works by Bernstein and Aaron Copland. Look for those to come soon! In the meantime, I hope that these additions will be of some use to others in their ongoing search for knowledge…

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Virtual Music Library!!

I just stumbled across this AMAZING collection of virtual music, and I’m hooked on the idea!

For a mere $20 each, one can purchase, for example, the complete string quartets (score and parts) of Beethoven and Brahms! Or Haydn or Mozart! Or the Ultimate Collection of Violin Sonatas, Violin Concertos, Violin Solos and Duets, or Violin Methods and Etudes. There are Orchestral Collections as well, where one can find instrumental parts of the great orchestral literature. Included with each collection is Supplemental Material, such as composer biographies, program notes, and terms. And for those who aren’t violinists, there are a myriad of collections for other instruments and ensembles.

Imagine having entire collections of history’s greatest music right on your computer, instead of taking up valuable space in your home or studio! Imagine being able to print out unlimited copies (formatted for Adobe Reader) for you, your colleagues, and your students! And imagine being able to find exactly what you’re looking for, easily and without headache!

Find out more at CD Sheet Music’s website! I’ll let you know what I think when I try this out!… 🙂

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Recent News

The biggest news in my life currently is that, after a recent audition, I am now an official member of the Orange County Symphony! I am sincerely looking forward to growing under the current music director, and working with the orchestra on the fantastic selection of music they have planned for the coming year. Stay tuned for details on concerts as they come up!

In other (smaller) news, I have just signed on with a new database for composers and performers called It is easy-to-use, a great tool for searching out musicians for your events and other needs, and a great place for networking with fellow professionals. View my composer’s profile and find all sorts of info about me, including some of my works with program notes and sound samples. Or view my performer’s profile, and find all sorts of info about me :), including upcoming performance events and sound samples. If you are a professional (or aspiring to be such) composer or performer, consider contacting for an invite to join!

And, finally, if you notice at the very top of my right-hand sidebar, I have added a “My Upcoming Events” section, where I will be updating a list of upcoming events and concerts. Clicking on the link of the name of the event will open a page with more info on that specific event; be sure to check back often!

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Thought for the Day

In the midst of my intense contemplations concerning my current in-progress work – my thesis composition for my Master’s degree, to be exact – I came across this fascinating interview with renowned composer, John Adams, concerning his Violin Concerto.


Did the concerto genre and the expectations associated with it—especially that of virtuosic writing for the solo instrument—affect your customary compositional process in any ways that you can single out?

I think it did affect it a lot. I was very slow to come to the concerto form. In fact, even after finishing this work, I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with the form itself.

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V.T.C.M.A. – 5

Being a part of the MIDI Band at Cal Poly, Pomona, now on six-string electric fiddle, the performing group of this V.T.C.M.A. really excites me! They’re called Soul in the Machine, and they hail from San Diego, CA. Their innovative presentation of electronica music, their visually entrancing, original instrumental creations, and their extraordinary musical talents are stunning. I encourage you to check them out!

This first video is a ten-minute medley of the group performing a few of their tunes, and the second video is a behind-the-scenes interview with the group, to find out a little more about them.

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Three Excellent Sites to See

First off, I am excited to announce that Music Program Notes, a community-shared database for performance program notes, has moved and become simply Program Notes, “to accommodate program notes for both music and stage productions”. The new look is really fabulous – clean, easy to navigate, and available to a much wider contributing-audience!

I fully endorse this idea; what better way to enlighten listening audiences, and to aid students of music and other stage productions? So, don’t hesitate – check it out, spread the word, and contribute what you can!
Check out my recent article about my brand new work, My Tribute!

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