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Special V.T.C.M.A.

Finally, now on YouTube, you can view Steve Zelt’s film, The Visit, in its entirety, with original music composed and performed by me and my good friend Danielle Cummins!


And, through my relationship with both Danielle and Steve, I met talented singer/songwriter Larry Enriquez and had the pleasure of improvising and recording violin parts for a good number of his original tunes. Well, later, we were able to make music videos of each of these tunes, so here is the first of those music videos (more to come later!). What a great experience!


“Embrace the Day”

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Recent News

The biggest news in my life currently is that, after a recent audition, I am now an official member of the Orange County Symphony! I am sincerely looking forward to growing under the current music director, and working with the orchestra on the fantastic selection of music they have planned for the coming year. Stay tuned for details on concerts as they come up!

In other (smaller) news, I have just signed on with a new database for composers and performers called It is easy-to-use, a great tool for searching out musicians for your events and other needs, and a great place for networking with fellow professionals. View my composer’s profile and find all sorts of info about me, including some of my works with program notes and sound samples. Or view my performer’s profile, and find all sorts of info about me :), including upcoming performance events and sound samples. If you are a professional (or aspiring to be such) composer or performer, consider contacting for an invite to join!

And, finally, if you notice at the very top of my right-hand sidebar, I have added a “My Upcoming Events” section, where I will be updating a list of upcoming events and concerts. Clicking on the link of the name of the event will open a page with more info on that specific event; be sure to check back often!