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A Very Inspiring TED Talk: Art of Asking

I stumbled upon this video last night, and it really struck a chord with me.

Lately, I’ve been inwardly struggling with my fears of trusting myself, my art, and those who love my art. I have a tendency (a deeply hidden tendency) to feel a strange sort of shame in what I do and in asking for the outside help that’s always been needed in order to accomplish what I do — even though it’s how I’ve built what I’ve built so far, since the late ’90s.

There have been plenty of people in my life who have thrown the whole “Get a real job” trope my way and scoffed at my ambitions. And there have been many fellow colleagues who’ve berated me for even suggesting that they may wish to partner with me on a project for something in return other than financial reward.

It’s important to remember that “it takes a village” of people to care for one another — body, soul, and spirit — in this life. And Art brings a community together in ways like nothing else can. I’ve always felt that Music is more meaningful when made and experienced with friends… And that means You!  🙂

In this heartfelt TED Talk, Amanda Palmer asks:

…what I was really saying here was, I trust you this much. Should I? Show me. For most of human history, musicians, artists, they’ve been part of the community. Connectors and openers, not untouchable stars. Celebrity is about a lot of people loving you from a distance, but the Internet and the content that we’re freely able to share on it are taking us back. It’s about a few people loving you up close and about those people being enough…

I think people have been obsessed with the wrong question, which is, “How do we make people pay for music?” What if we started asking, “How do we let people pay for music?”

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Presenting… Novel Soundtrax!

After the joy of working on my Music Response soundtrack for Jorge Armenteros’ The Book of I, I figured, why not extend the offer of working on such projects with more authors and other creative-types? And so, Novel Soundtrax was born!

I would be delighted to create soundtracks for any other authors out there who’d like to have a custom track, EP, or album created especially to accompany their literary artwork – whether it be a novel, picture-book, collection of poems, graphic novel, audio book…or any other creative work, really… The sky’s the limit! 🙂

Let’s be creative together!


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My New BAM Case

Flora has a happy new bed, as of today! I’m so excited and very, very pleased with my new BAM case! She’s as snug as a bug in a rug, and infinitely safer. 🙂

It’s the 5001SR model. I purchased it at a fabulous discount from one of my favorite online places to get strings and accessories, Tee hee, early Christmas present… ;-p


maxresdefaultI feel like Kaori Miyazono, with her stickered pink case, haha!

(And if you haven’t seen “Your Lie in April,” I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s a gorgeous look into the lives of several young Classical performers, what they go through and why… Just fantastic!)


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What’s your Fav Geeky Music? Tell Me What to Play!

UPDATE (as of 3/16/2015): This event has been moved to a date to be determined in May… Keep your eye out for news on that!


I’ve been asked to perform at the awesome and fun, upcoming Geek Girls’ Night Out at Brave New World Comics!

Naturally, I have a list of some of my own favorite geeky themes I’ve performed in events past – themes from tv, film, video games, anime, etc. – but I want to know…

What are YOUR favorite geeky themes that you want me to include on my live performance-list for this event??

If I play your request, I’ll personally dedicate it to you by name! 😀

I’m looking forward to getting your requests and refreshing my performance playlist with awesome new music!

Violinist is all clear...
Violinist is all clear…
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New E-Press Kit Available

I’ve finally gotten around to updating and polishing off my official Works List and Resume, so I thought it’d be smart to create a full-on, official electronic press kit for interested parties to download.

Consequently, I’ve also fully updated my Bio and Repertoire pages to reflect necessary professional additions, such as performance histories and timings for my works, and the important mention of my brief-but-cool Grammy opportunity. 🙂

My Press Kit will be kept available in my sidebar as well as on my Bio and More page.

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Fanboy Comics’ Interview

Barbra Dillon of Fanboy Comics has been SO gracious toward me! She just finished an interview with yours truly about everything I’ve had going on up ’til now. Enjoy reading that interview (including what my Geek Loves are) here!

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New Addition to Sheet Music Store

“The Book of I” Musical Response Suite has now been added to my Sheet Music Store!

The entire set of seven movements is available, as well as each individual movement separately.

Also, to help locate pieces according to instrumentation, for those who would like to investigate performing any of my available works, visit my new Index!