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First Day of the Future

Today I’m beginning the full-on usage of my new technological music operations!

I’m about to head out for a rehearsal with the Rosé Violin Trio to prepare for our big show this Saturday. First I want to mention how *immensely * helpful forScore has been in my preparations– you see, for one of the new pieces of music we’re tackling (Suite in G minor, Op. 71 for Two Violins and Piano by Maurice Moskowski) I’ve turned the final movement of the work into an explosion for THREE violins, where we’ll be tossing the original themes between all three of us. 🙂 And forScore enabled me to take my amended parts and touch them up properly and send them off to the girls for review.

Needless to say, I’ve now got my parts for our entire Saturday show set up in order in a set list… And (here’s the exciting news) my new Bluetooth foot pedal-hands free-page turner arrived just in time! I got to try it out a bit today, and I’m SO pleased with the whole set up now!

I’m going full-on techie for my gigs now! Woo!!

Enjoy these photos and video I took of my new set-up…. Gotta run and practice now, but look for more later! :mrgreen:

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That “Anima Mechanicae” Project….

So, what’s going on with that PARMA release of “Anima Mechanicae” included on the modern string quartet album??

Here are some updates, from the people themselves!

As the Art Director here at PARMA I will be your primary contact during the design and manufacturing process for your upcoming release featuring “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine”. Jeff has shared the piece with me. I must say this is one of my favorite pieces we have worked with (shhh, don’t tell the others I said that). I’m a Sci-Fi fan so any piece about robots has my attention and when I listened I was taken back at how well you captured the mood and story. The arrangements are so interesting and the performance sounds fantastic. It is going to be great on the release.

Woot!! :mrgreen:

The title of the release is selected by the team here and we consider the musical language first and then the concepts behind the pieces. Our titles and graphics on compilations tend to speak to the overall musical concept rather than any one piece. It is generally not effective for us to create too tight a visual connection to any one piece for reasons of fairness and equanimity for our composers.

We did some deep thinking about the best way to represent this collection of chamber and piano pieces and in the end I think we came up with a great title,”ALLUSIONS – Modern Chamber Works”. We selected this title for being a succinct and creative way set the tone for the release. By definition an allusion is a reference to, or a representation of, people, places, events, literary work, myths, or works of art, either directly or by implication. Though the pieces all have varied inspirations, the expressive and interpretive nature of the musical language is common to all the pieces which makes this a fitting title that ties the program together very nicely.

This is also a unique title that returned almost no search results on the internet which is always a plus. The release will be easily searched and found on the internet.

Design of the cover art is beginning today and we will be presenting the results to you later this week. PARMA takes great pride in our packaging design and we consider the look of our releases a major aspect in creating interest in the album. Viewing album art is often the first contact a listener will have with a release so it is my job to maximize the curb appeal for the musical mansion you have created.

I’m really pleased to present you with the cover art we are developing for ALLUSIONS.

In efforts to push our designs to the next level I have developed many connections within the artist community. The more original art we can use in our designs the more unique and meaningful the covers will be and not to mention we are directly supporting artists and their works which is important to us.

One such artist is Clara Lieu a professor of art at RISD and an oboist herself. The image on this cover is one of her works that I felt spoke to the tone of the album. The concept of shadows works really well with the title as shadows allude to the objects that cast them. There was also a relation to the music though the moody, loneliness of the characters which connects to the small instrumentation and overall musical language. The type of the title is modern to signify that these are new works and is quite large for good legibility when the cover is reduced to thumbnail size by internet retailers…. — Brett Picknell, Art Director

And… Today I just got the news that:

I’m pleased to inform you that your album is on track for release on August 27th, 2013! On this date, ALLUSIONS will be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and dozens of other retailers. With the release date tentatively established, we can begin our marketing and promotion process.

Hooray!!! Not too much longer now…

Update: Officially the title of the album will be:

Allusions: Evocative Chamber Works

…And “Anima Mechanicae” is the FIRST Track!! Whee! 😉

allusions cover_preview

The New England String Quartet sounds soooo good on my piece, and Andy Happel is a wonderful producer! 😉 It’s definitely the Definitive Version!

The Gig... Very awesome group of musicians to work with, everyone I met today! -- I am truly lucky and privileged!
The Gig… Very awesome group of musicians to work with, everyone I met today! — I am truly lucky and privileged!
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Going Vegan

I’m thrilled about this important info!! We can all make a difference, simply one meal choice at a time. The situation of the mega farming corporations in America has grown to ridiculous proportions, destroying our environment, immune systems, health, and humanity.

We all deserve to know what exactly we’re ingesting and bombarding our bodies with. And I’m so encouraged that all we have to do to help the situation is not supply the agribusiness with the business demand that brought this on in the first place. One meal at a time…. I’m going vegan whenever possible. It’s time something is done, and my little contribution will make a difference! ^____^

For valuable information, check out this brochure.

And once you’ve done that, check out this wonderful vegetarian guide, with much more in-depth information and encouragement!

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I’m inspired— and I’m gonna finish my Violin Sonata’s 4th and final movement!!! Hopefully today…. I think I’ve settled on a title: "Gypsy Wanderer"!!

There’s practically no title on gypsies that hasn’t been over-used, but at least this one isn’t related to any music right upfront, that I could find; just some artwork… I like it!!

But I like the music even more!!! I was thinking how oddly "traditional-style 12-tone" my techniques in the last movement are; and yet, the result is still really fun and crazy, totally accessible music… And a serious CHALLENGE for both the violinist and pianist, let me tell you!!!!

I’m just tickled the way it’s taking shape– it’s a really unique addition to my repertoire!! 😉