Various literary works written by Sarah Wallin-Huff.


The Musical Scores of “SHARDS”

Available in PDF and hardcover-book formats.

This collection includes all musical scores for the works presented on the 2023 Navona album SHARDS: Contemporary Classical works by Sarah Wallin Huff. Inside, the program notes and sheet music cover art for each piece are included, as well as any in-score music descriptors the composer added for impact during performance. This collection makes a great companion for in-depth listening of the album or score study. 

Regarding the album: “Sarah Wallin Huff returns to Navona Records with SHARDS, a wide variety of compositions that explore life, love, death, and the philosophy and mysticism that make up the in-betweens. True to the unique identity of Wallin Huff’s admirable body of work, the compositions building SHARDS structure themselves around brilliantly original frameworks while also delivering a philosophical, thoughtful structure to the album. Wallin Huff sufficiently and spectacularly elaborates upon her identity as a self-described ‘stream-of-consciousness composer’ in this contemplative and explorative journey, a comprehensive album sure to make waves with its mystical nature” (

Sci-fi/Adventure/Literary Fiction/Young Adult

The Kesher Chronicles & The Kesher Archives

Available in ebook and paperback formats.


Arcana: Numerology, Tarot, and the Tree of Life

Available in ebook (buy Direct-from-Author here) and paperback formats.

Within these pages, a Kabbalistic and Numerological interpretation of the tarot deck is explored. An understanding of the symbolism in the Tree of Life enhances the interpretation of each card within a spread, and this book is meant to be a helpful, in-depth resource for ascertaining a multi-layered approach to the cards of the tarot deck.

The cards can be invaluable as a “mirror for the subconscious”—a way to better understand ourselves and inner tendencies. As we explore the deck, may our relationship with ourselves become richer.


Undergraduate GE Textbook

History of Technology in Music

Available as an interactive website-based book.

This undergraduate GE textbook is a survey of the technological, cultural, and philosophical forces that have governed music advances across time.

Art & Poetry/Mythology

Leviathan of the Ancient Deep: The Music’s Story

Available in paperback or PDF formats.

This original picture-book and poem by Sarah Wallin-Huff features the three movements and subsections found within her 2008 concerto for 6-string electric violin, EWI, synth, and orchestra, “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep,” allowing the reader to dive into the mythology that built the musical work.

When you see the Speaker Symbol on a page, visit the link to access free audio clips from the official Leviathan Recording, illustrating each section of this epic with its matching musical segment from the Concerto.

It’s a beautiful and imaginative way to get a deeper understanding of the music’s story, and to make a solid connection between the changes in the musical work and the scenes of the story they represent.